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Save Time

There’s no getting around the fact that looking after your properties costs money.

Whether it’s a whole-house refurb, additional development, or simply ongoing maintenance, sooner or later you’re going to ask yourself if it can be done cheaper.

In 2006, one landlord, Nick Watchorn, asked himself the same question – and decided to do something about it. After five years of knocking on doors, LNPG was born.

Since then, LNPG has become the largest buying group for private landlords in the country, having collectively spent more than £83 million in the last ten years.

LNPG members are able to leverage the buying power of the entire group to obtain contract pricing for their properties and saving thousands of pounds in the process – even better, an LNPG membership means cutting down costs without cutting out quality products, so savings can go much further.

For more information on the power of contract pricing, click here to find out What We Do in more detail.