Magnet Trade

For LNPG members’ kitchen needs, LNPG are pleased to partner with Magnet Trade Contract Kitchen Solutions to bring landlords the complete kitchen service.

Magnet is one of the largest suppliers of quality fitted kitchens in the UK. Magnet Trade supply both practical, affordable social housing kitchens and kitchens with outstanding homebuyer appeal for private developers.

LNPG have negotiated contract pricing deals covering all kitchen ranges and products, which are significantly lower than Magnet trade prices.

To find out about what Magnet Trade can offer LNPG members and how to order click here.



Kitchen Accesories

If you have the kitchens but are just looking for appliances, sinks and taps or kitchen item packs, these LNPG partners can help!

Currys (kitchen appliances)

Fusion Furniture Solutions (appliances and kitchen item packs)

Plumb Center (appliances, sinks and taps)

Magnet Trade (appliances, sinks and taps)