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LNPG is built around the philosophy that by working together, landlords can shape their own destiny in the market.

For years, individual landlords have been forced to negotiate their own rates with varying success to pay retail or trade rates for the products to keep their properties up to scratch. We decided that by working together we can change that.

If you know another landlord that would appreciate the savings and service available as a member of LNPG, you could earn up to £45 by referring them as a thank you from us for helping LNPG to grow.

LNPG Refer other Landlords

Refer Other Landlords

Add another landlord into your referrals list below, and we’ll send you a cheque in the post as a thank you should they join. If you’d rather this rate gets discounted from the joining landlords fee or is sent to a charity of your choice, we’d be happy to do that instead.

Our referral commission structure is as follows:

If they have 1 – 3 properties you will earn £20

If they have 4 – 25 properties you will earn £30

if they have 26 or more properties you will earn £45


Your Referred Landlords:

This area will display landlords you have referred who have not yet joined. Fill it up by referring landlords in the box below

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