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Solicitors who understand what landlords need.

Solicitors, Bonallack and Bishop have a specialist team helping buy to let landlords and property investors nationwide.

So whether you are a landlord with a tenant who is not paying the rent, need specialist tax advice on your property portfolio or whether you are buying or selling flats or houses anywhere in England and Wales – we can help.

Far too many landlords appear to be frustrated with their legal representation.

Why are we different?

1. We are not aware of any other law firm with a team who specialise in acting for property investors.

2. We have personal experience of most aspects of the property market:

Both the firm’s senior partner, Tim Bishop, and the team’s specialist tax accountant, Steve Bicknell, are very active in the property community. They are active PPN members; Steve has a long-standing property portfolio and Tim is an active property developer in his own right – specialising in commercial to residential conversion

Tim set up the property investor team and stays closely involved with it – adding crucial up-to-date practical input.

We Are LNPG Members Too: Bonallack and Bishop’s senior partner, Tim Bishop, has personally been a highly satisfied LNPG member for some time.

3. Training is really important: we take great care to ensure that all of our team actually understand not just the legal, but also the practical and commercial aspects of the legal problems faced by landlords.

Landlords and property investors need specialist solicitors who really understand the property community.

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Properties    Fee (ex. VAT)
1 to 3 ....................  £199 plus VAT
4 to 25 ..................  £299 plus VAT
26 + ......................  £399 plus VAT