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When Mr John Guest first opened his factory doors in 1961, he was determined to run a company where quality of product and excellence of service underpinned its ethos. A strong spirit of innovation was encouraged from the outset which led to the development and invention of the first Speedfit push-fit fittings in the 1970s by John Guest himself.

From this, JG Speedfit has become the world’s largest leading manufacturer of plastic push-fit fittings, valves, and pipes. The Speedfit plumbing system for hot and cold water enables you to make reliable connections the fast and easy way.

Speedfit’s core range of products come with a 50-year Guarantee giving you and your tenants extra peace of mind. All JG Speedfit products are manufactured in the UK, providing assurance that quality and reliable products are made to the very highest Industry Standards.

LNPG have negotiated supported prices against all LNPG accounts and stock available to take away today

• National Sales Team Cover linked to our National Stocking Network with Wolseley
• 24 Hour Turn Around of Quotes – when sent directly to Speedfit
• On Site Technical Support
• UK Manufacture
• 25 Year Pipe Warranty
• 2 Year controls and manifold warranty.
• A trusted brand for over 60 years.

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Simple to install and using less connectors than traditional methods, Speedfit cuts installation time by 40%, so you can say goodbye to time-consuming and costly plumbing jobs. Plus, no tools are required when installing or demounting fittings, making it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces or readjust joins.

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JG Speedfit Brochure

Underfloor Heating JG Speedfit Guide


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