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There is much confusion about a landlord’s exact requirements with regards to Legionnaires’ Disease.

The 96 pages of conflicting HSE Guidance on the subject doesn’t seem to help either, and requires considerable effort to simplify, so we’ve done that for you.

Some prestigious authorities in both the landlord and legal sectors have wrongly pontificated about what’s required. For an authoritative version, take a look at the House of Commons Briefing Paper 07370 which makes it clear that Landlords DO have to  carry out a risk assessment.

Established Health and Safety requirements from the HSAW Act 1974 require those who carry out a risk assessment to be competent in their knowledge of domestic water systems to be able to do so.

For example, amongst a number of other issues, a shower poses a risk of Legionnaires’ disease, however there are HSE recommended methods for dealing with this and other potential risks.

Landlords need to know what the risk factors are and, importantly, what to do about them.  The good news is that the risks are not severe in residential property, but can exist if the recommended HSE measures are not put in place by someone competent to do so.

Enter: LandlordMasterclass!

We advise and train landlords and have a 3 hour workshop that explains in simple terms, listing the risks and HSE recommended solutions.  The course is accompanied by a bound workbook, generic Risk Assessment Template complete with solutions, and a certificate is awarded at the end of each course. The workbook and knowledge gained is sufficient to demonstrate that the person carrying out the risk assessment is a ‘competent person’ with regards to carrying out a risk assessment.

A number of letting agents have completed our workshop and in fact, increasingly, agents are requiring or at least advising their landlords of the need to have a Legionnaires’ risk assessment carried out. Typically, companies offering this service charge from £99.00 + VAT, upwards (per property).

LandlordsMasterclass trains landlords and agents to be able to carry out the risk assessment competently, and compliant with HSE requirements.

Now if you’re still not convinced at the quality of advice we offer, simply look at the feedback from numerous course attendees, many of whom are LNPG members, including Paul Hilliard, LNPG Operations Director, at

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