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Shower pumps for gravity and mains-fed systems


Salamander Pumps are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of water boosting products, with solutions for low water performance in gravity-fed and mains-fed properties.

Salamander’s product range includes a pump to suit most domestic requirements from single showers to whole house pumps, and our patented technology combined with rigorous quality testing means our products are reliable, efficient and value for money.

The range includes pumps for gravity-fed systems, renowned for poor water pressure and flow. Salamander’s gravity-fed pumps have recently been reengineered and redesigned, using cutting edge technologies to make them some of the quietest, most compact and reliable pumps available.

Salamander Pumps also manufacture products suitable for boosting low water flow in mains-fed properties, such as combination boiler systems. Providing a quiet, compact and easy to install solution to low water pressure and flow in mains-fed properties.

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CT Xtra

The CT Xtra range of pumps are suitable for positive head, gravity-fed systems, with single pumps for boosting the water pressure to either the hot or the cold tap, and twin pumps for boosting both hot and cold water to thermostatic showers.

CT Xtra pumps are compact in size, quiet in operation and contain patented technology, offering excellent value for money.

Awarded the Quiet Mark, the CT Xtra range are some of the quietest plastic, regenerative pumps on the market*.

CT Extra


CT Bathroom

CT Bathroom range has been designed specifically with bathrooms in mind. Available in twin impeller designs, this range will efficiently boost the hot and cold water supplies to showers, baths, basins and toilets. Suitable across a wide range of shower types and heads, single mixer taps and will refill your toilet cistern in double quick time.

CT Force

Built with robust brass ends and brass impellers the CT Force range of pumps have been engineered to be some of the most reliable and quietest brass pumps on the market. CT Force range comes with a 5 year warranty.

The CT Force range of pumps has been awarded the Quiet Mark for being some of the quietest brass shower pumps on the market*.

CT Force

Right Pumps

Salamander’s Right Pump range features centrifugal pumps, these powerful and quiet pumps use centrifugal force to increase water pressure. Using centrifugal force makes the pumps in this range quieter and more flow efficient than other pump types.

Featured in Salamander’s Right Pump range is the RP50PT, a 1.5 bar pressure, positive head, twin shower pump. Independent testing showed that the RP50PT operates at only 45.5dBA, this makes the RP50PT the UK’s quietest twin ended shower pump.


EVE is the first of its kind. A twin-ended, universal shower and whole house pump, including a range of innovative features, this pump offers the ultimate shower experience.

EVE features adjustable pressure settings, meaning that the pump can be set to 1.5, 2.0 or 3.0 bar using the interface on the front of the pump, depending on user preference.

EVE is suitable for both positive and negative head gravity-fed systems, so there is no need to worry about specification as EVE will work in any gravity-fed system making specification simple.

EVE’s variable speed, brushless motor allows it to deliver maintained pressure at increased flow rates. So as more outlets, such as taps and showers, are opened EVE will work harder to maintain pressure.


Salamander Pumps’ HomeBoost and CombiBoost will give an extra boost to a property’s incoming mains water. HomeBoost is an intelligent inline mains booster pump, it will recognise when flow is low and increases the water flow to 12L/min. CombiBoost is will boost the mains water to 10L/min. Both of Salamander’s inline mains pumps can be installed either after the stop tap or before the combi boiler, improving shower performance and delivering stronger flowing taps and a quicker bath fill.


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Contact Information

Order Enquiries:

To purchase from Salamander, please follow the usual process through Wolseley, which is through the branch, online or the Regional Bathroom Hubs, all the information can be found here


Technical enquiries:

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