Stopcock range preventing the risk of water damage to your properties


Polypipe Surestop manufactures the established Surestop Stopcock Range which is the leading product in protecting domestic properties from the risk of water damage.

Using modern technology, the easy to use lockdown switch works solely on water pressure to offer a practical solution to controlling mains water. In contrast to traditional brass solutions, Surestop stopcocks are developed with limescale resistant materials, guaranteeing it will not seize up.

The Surestop valve is fitted on the incoming water main and can be fitted alongside or instead of the brass stopcock.

How Surestop Can Help You

The Surestop Stopcock minimises the risk of water damage to your properties, saving both time and money generated by the subsequent repair work. The straightforward application permits your tenants to easily turn off the mains water in the event of an emergency, reducing the cost of water damage that you may be liable for.

The remote switch provides you with easy access to control your mains water supply whenever you need to. If your property is left vacant for a period of time whilst awaiting new tenants, you can live in the knowledge that property is not vulnerable to burst pipes.

Surestop Stopcocks are trusted in protecting almost 1 million properties throughout the UK.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Can protect property from water damage, with a flick of a switch
  • No batteries or electricity required; works purely on water pressure
  • Easy to use, quick to access and wont seize up, unlike traditional brass stopcocks
  • Includes a remote switch option, for even easier access
  • WRAS approved as a stopcock
  • UK manufactured

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Buying Instructions

To order or ask questions, telephone Surestop on 0845 643 1800. Quote your LNPG membership number. You do not need an account to make a purchase. Your valid, current registration on the LNPG website gives you access to the pricing and service benefits automatically.

Payment to be made before the product is despatched, ideally by credit or debit card.

Which Surestop do I need?

There are two sizes to choose from depending on the size of your water pipe.

Usually the incoming water pipe will be 15mm so you need the 15mm Surestop. The alternative is the 22mm Surestop.

Check with your plumber on what size you need to order.


Surestop offer a nationwide delivery service:

1-2 units £3.95

3-4 units £7.90

5 units or more £10.95

Products are despatched on the day of order or next day so customers should receive their Surestops within 3 days.

Please remember to ALWAYS quote your LNPG membership number in all correspondence.

It is also vital that the prospective delivery address for your order is to a property already registered on the LNPG website.


Surestop Stopcock with Remote Switch with easy-to-install push-fittings.
Surestop product image


Product Product Code Fitting Pipe Size Price Ex VAT Postage & Delivery Total inc VAT and Delivery
Surestop Remote Stopcock


SS/15/ RPL Push-fit 15mm £29.95 £3.95 £39.89

Surestop Remote Stopcock

SS/22/ RPL Push-fit 22mm £34.95 £3.95 £45.89


All products exclude VAT.


Installation guide

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