The kitchen is always one of the focal points in a property and it can make or break a property.

We know how expensive a kitchen refurbishment can be for landlords so we partnered up with a few select companies who can help you make the best impression for the lowest price.

Whether you need to replace the whole kitchen or you need some tiles, we have you covered with our heavily discounted contract pricing.

We should talk about the star of the show in this category which is Magnet Projects - our go-to partner for all your kitchen units, doors and even more.  To find out how you can save up to 73% on a kitchen, click here.

A kitchen wouldn't be complete without some tiles, would it? So we got one of the biggest tile suppliers in the game onboard to give you the savings you deserve, their name is CTD. To look at their extensive range of floor tiles, ceramic or porcelain tiles head to their partner page here.

One of our latest additions to the kitchen department is our boiling tap supplier Fahren UK - we started looking for the perfect boiling tap partner but either found them too expensive or the quality lacking that was until Fahren came to us and showed us what they manufacture themselves. To have a look at their offering and their pricing click here.