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Magnet Projects are proud to be the only kitchen supplier to LNPG.

We provide over 3,500 high-quality kitchens per year to its members, all at highly competitive prices.

Members receive discounted rates and competitive pricing on every Magnet kitchen range and appliances in our stores. (Make sure to choose a Magnet Trade store local to the property you are buying for)

Find your local Magnet Trade store here.

If you’re looking for a brochure it’s right here.

You’ll also receive these great benefits too.

Reasons to choose Magnet for your property

As an LNPG member, you can access the same products as Magnet Trade customers, including:

  • Prices by the No.1 buying consortium
  • A large section of quality kitchens
  • Over 200 Magnet stores nationwide
  • 20-Year cabinet guarantee (5-year guarantee on frontals) across all ranges
  • Wide range of branded appliances, sinks and taps
  • A comprehensive range of flooring, doors and hardware
    (please note Magnet are not able to re-quote a kitchen under LNPG terms if already quoted prior to joining)

Hold Your Horses!

Some information on this page is just for members – it might include pricing, contact information and other sensitive details that we need to keep to ourselves.

Please log in or sign up as an LNPG member to continue.

Buying Instructions

Buying from us is simple; when you sign up as an LNPG member all your details will be passed on to us so we can get you started with a trade cash account. Once this is up and running, you will receive an email with all the details.

Until your Magnet account is created, please refrain from getting a quote as Magnet will not re-quote onto LNPG pricing after.

How to Book an Appointment.

  1. Note down your LNPG Membership Number and LNPG-linked Magnet Account Number (found in your Members Area)
  2. Measure your kitchen (Guidance on measuring)
  3. Find your local Magnet Trade branch and book a Trade Design Appointment either over the phone or by email
    Note: This means local to the property concerned, not your own home – as this is where the kitchen will be delivered from later.
  4. Prior to your appointment, run through the Kitchen Checklist Magnet Checklist. This provides an overview of what Magnet needs to know before they generate a quote – so to save you time, look at the brochures and appliance packs below and get an idea of what you need.

Please bear in mind this is not a retail experience and you’ll be limited to 2 amendments.


At Magnet we have a  large selection of quality kitchen styles across 6 price bands.

We offer a wide range of branded appliances, sinks, taps, worktops and accessories and a comprehensive range of flooring, doors, hardware and first fix joinery all at highly competitive prices.

Such as the following:

  • Internal & External Doors
  • Internal Sliding Doors
  • Flooring


Magnet Kitchen Bands

Price Band 1: Ascoli

Price Band 2: Luna, Nova, Tatton

Price Band 3: Winchester, Integra Nova, Integra Ascoli, Ambleside

Price Band 4: Dunham (SMC), Hoxton (SMC), Portobello, Duxbury

Price Band 5: Integra Dunham (SMC), Integra Hoxton (SMC)

Price Band 6: Ludlow (SMC), Wardley


Signature Ranges

Nordic Oak

Nordic Nature


Paint to Order Kitchens

You can now access Magnet’s Create range of over 20 hand-painted colours under LNPG for any property in your portfolio – including your own home!

The Process

Getting your kitchen bespoke and hand-painted comes at a premium, so do expect a slightly higher price than a standard kitchen.

To ensure you’re getting the LNPG rates, you’ll need to download and fill out the order form below and send it off to

Once this is done, you should expect a confirmation email that a design and quote is being generated for you within 48 hours – if you don’t hear anything by then, give us a call on 01455 23 44 99 and we’ll chase this for you.

Lead times

These kitchens are hand-painted to your specification. Because of this, lead times will be around 8 to 12 weeks from order.


For these kitchens, you’ll need to have made full payment well before delivery.

The payment is split as follows:

  • 1st payment: 25% deposit, paid on order.
  • 2nd payment: 75% remainder, paid 35 days before delivery.

Delivery cannot be scheduled until full payment is made.

Contact Information

Your Magnet trade cash account is opened when you join LNPG. If you have any account queries or would like to know the status of your account please speak to the LNPG office for assistance.

For direct LNPG enquiries please email

If you need to escalate any issues please contact the LNPG office using 01455 23 44 99 or

Webinar Library New Feature

Fancy catching up on what Magnet are up to? Well you’re in luck.

The videos below are edited clips from our Lock-In series, where we sit down with the people behind the scenes and discuss hot topics and upcoming updates.

If you want to view our library of past episodes with all our partners, click here.