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Welcome to LNPG's Podcast & Webinar Library! You can find recordings of each of our live sessions here, along with relevant links to blogs and write-ups we've done over the years - each one filled to the brim with knowledge and insight from some of the best product and property experts in the industry. You can catch us on our live webinars by registering via the emails we send out or via our facebook group.
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Lock-In: TCD Energy

Series 5, Episode 6

Energy bills are skyrocketing right now, and they seem to be further price rises just around the corner. We knew we had...

Hosted: 03/11/2021 12:00:00 am

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Lock-In: I’m All Eyes

Series 5, Episode 5

We kicked off with how Ed first dipped his toe into the landlord game. I’m sure we’ve all heard the horror stories ...

Hosted: 27/10/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Big Data, Better Results

Series 5, Episode 4

The world moves quickly in PropTech, so when we realised we’d not had Hammock on our Lock-In series for 31 weeks, we k...

Hosted: 20/10/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Better Communities

Series 5, Episode 3

Back with the big fish for this Webinar, we haven’t heard from Jewson since Season 2, they’ve been busy battling end...

Hosted: 13/10/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Fahren UK

Series 5, Episode 2

You might have seen a little about Fahren previously, we have launched with them over around a month now and things are ...

Hosted: 06/10/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Property Branding

Series 5, Episode 1

Property is a curious business. At once independent, investors also understand more than most the power of a strong n...

Hosted: 29/09/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Clubhouse

Series 4, Episode 10

We wanted to wrap our latest series of LNPG’s Expert Lock-In a little differently this time. So, having been through a...

Hosted: 28/07/2021 06:30:00 pm

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Lock-In: Fusion Furniture

Series 4, Episode 9

On the penultimate episode of Series 4, we welcomed back James Quinn from Fusion Furniture to the Lock-In webinar. We’...

Hosted: 21/07/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Grono

Series 4, Episode 8

Our Lock-In webinar was in full swing again this week with our long-term partner Grono, who has some exciting new develo...

Hosted: 14/07/2021 12:00:00 am

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Lock-In: Virtual In-House Solicitor

Series 4, Episode 7

A lot of our time here at LNPG HQ is spent scouring the property market for the best partners to bolster our membership ...

Hosted: 07/07/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Merlyn

Series 4, Episode 6.5

The recent launch of Merlyn garnered such a huge response from our members, it was only right that we brought them on to...

Hosted: 30/06/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Atlanta Bathrooms

Series 4, Episode 6

For the second time in the series, we hosted a double-partner webinar – but this time it was all about bathroom furnit...

Hosted: 30/06/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: CTD

Series 4, Episode 5

For the last few years, we’ve been searching hard for a tile manufacturer that completely suits the needs of the landl...

Hosted: 23/06/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Worcester 4000

Series 4, Episode 4.5

After a bit of an absence of Worcester Bosch on the Lock-In series, Alex Thomas returned to the Lock-In series to provid...

Hosted: 16/06/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Be Modern

Series 4, Episode 4

For the first time this series, we hosted a double-partner webinar, and it was all about heating up your properties. Be ...

Hosted: 16/06/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Level Up to Develop

Series 4, Episode 3

After a few years of being a landlord, you may begin to think – how can I take my property business to the next level?...

Hosted: 09/06/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Introducing Rotospa

Series 4, Episode 2

10 years in and we’ve still not learned our lesson: Series Four of our Expert Lock-In series continued tonight with th...

Hosted: 02/06/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Magnet’s Force Majeure

Series 4, Episode 1

We're back for our 4th season of LNPG's Expert Lock-In. On Wednesday 26th May we were joined by a familiar face in Gill...

Hosted: 26/05/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Simon Zutshi

Series 3, Episode 8

For the final webinar of Series 3, we were eavesdroppers on a (virtual) fireside chat between Simon Zutshi and Nick. In ...

Hosted: 07/04/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Roma Finance

Series 3, Episode 7

Whether you’re an experienced investor, or just starting up – sooner or later, you’re gonna run out of money. With...

Hosted: 31/03/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Hammock

Series 3, Episode 6

On this webinar, we introduced Hammock, an exciting new partner on the LNPG horizon. Hammock is the property management ...

Hosted: 17/03/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Multipanel

Series 3, Episode 5

Nick, the founder of LNPG didn't initially understand Multipanel. However, that all changed after he took the trip up to...

Hosted: 10/03/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Landlord to Developer

Series 3, Episode 4

At the mid-point of series 3, we were delighted to bring on portfolio landlord, commercial and residential property deve...

Hosted: 03/03/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Property Staging

Series 3, Episode 3

We were three for three this week as we were joined by Fabienne Miler of Staging 4 More for Season Three Episode Three o...

Hosted: 17/02/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Funding Growth

Series 3, Episode 2

On this Lock-In, we threw away the tools and went behind the property management desk. Sufficient capital is really what...

Hosted: 10/02/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Living Colour

Series 3, Episode 1

The Expert Lock-In series returned for its third series, and we started as we meant to go on. We brought back big hitter...

Hosted: 03/02/2021 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: LNPG Question Time

Series 2, Episode 14

To close off the 2nd series, we did a webinar all about us! As we approach our 10th anniversary, it was a great time to ...

Hosted: 02/12/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Tools of the Trade

Series 2, Episode 13

With the partnership really going from strength to strength, we brought Jewson on to the Lock-In series. It's very excit...

Hosted: 25/11/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Dodging The Damp

Series 2, Episode 12

At the beginnings of another cold hard winter, we spoke about the bane of all your lives – damp. We brought on a real ...

Hosted: 18/11/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Fullbrook Nursery

Series 2, Episode 11

A partnership 12 months in the making. We first met Frank Sandford of Fullbrook Nursery about a year ago at a local prop...

Hosted: 11/11/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Wolseley Online

Series 2, Episode 10.5

Ordering from the convenience of your own home is now important than ever. With this in mind, we brought back Wolseley t...

Hosted: 04/11/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Winter Heating Update (Adey)

Series 2, Episode 10

With many heating industry rules and regulations about to change in the upcoming months, we brought on Adey to give us a...

Hosted: 04/11/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: OSO Cylinders

Series 2, Episode 9

This week we brought along our newest partners, OSO Cylinders. OSO have been in the cylinder game in Europe for a lon...

Hosted: 28/10/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Protect My Let

Series 2, Episode 8

For the first time ever, we brought on our specialist let insurance brokers, Protect My Let, to the Expert Lock-In serie...

Hosted: 21/10/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: SIG Roofing

Series 2, Episode 7

Looking after your overheads is increasingly important as a landlord, particularly those that you end up standing beneat...

Hosted: 14/10/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Hybrid Business Models for Portfolio Landlords

Series 2, Episode 6

This was one of our biggest webinars yet, only narrowly missing out on top spot in viewing figures. However, it was defi...

Hosted: 07/10/2020 12:00:00 am

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Lock-In: Deals on Wheels

Series 2, Episode 5

After weeks of anticipation, we switched things up a bit and brought Dreamlease on to The Expert Lock-In series. Matthew...

Hosted: 30/09/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Building for the Future (Carpet and Flooring)

Series 2, Episode 4.5

In this part of the webinar, Carpet & Flooring returned to The Lock-In series. Wayne Smart was back, but we also had one...

Hosted: 23/09/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Building for the Future (Jewson)

Series 2, Episode 4

In the first part of the webinar, we were delighted to introduce our latest addition to the LNPG team, Leanne Hardy. She...

Hosted: 23/09/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Glorious Bathroom Design

Series 2, Episode 3

Our third episode of Season Two and it went down an absolute treat! We'd brought in the experts, Jonny Mosey and Paul Be...

Hosted: 16/09/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Live Kitchen Planning

Series 2, Episode 2

It was our biggest webinar yet! We brought back Gill Davies from Magnet kitchens and got the skinny on how to design ...

Hosted: 09/09/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Future of Heating

Series 2, Episode 1

We kicked off the second series of our popular LNPG's Expert Lock-In webinars with one of the hot button topics in the U...

Hosted: 02/09/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Carpet & Flooring

Series 1, Episode 10

This is it: our final Expert Lock-In of the first series and for this one, we brought in the big guns! Carpet & Floor...

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Lock-In: Fusion

Series 1, Episode 9

How quickly the time goes by when you're hosting webinars every week! Our penultimate Lock-In gave us the opportunity...

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Lock-In: AO

Series 1, Episode 8

At the beginning UK lockdown AO had been looking after our members in an unofficial capacity for a few months, and we'd ...

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Lock-In: Lyco Lighting

Series 1, Episode 7.5

The second half of our seventh Lock-In was with Lyco Lighting. One of the newest partners for LNPG in 2020, Lyco wer...

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Lock-In: Johnstone’s Render

Series 1, Episode 7

This week takes us to the second appearance of Johnstones Trade, LNPG's partner for professional trade paints and access...

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Lock-In: Mondial

Series 1, Episode 6

Another first in a series of firsts this week as we introduce Mondial Lighting - a partner so new to LNPG, we'd not even...

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Lock-In: Worcester Bosch

Series 1, Episode 5.5

For part two of our fifth Expert Lock-In we frogmarched Alex Thomas of Worcester Bosch out to his garden shed to tell us...

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Lock-In: ADEY

Series 1, Episode 5

Our first ever two-parter episode kicked off with Adey, manufacturers of the industry-leading MagnaClean magnetic system...

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Lock-In: Jewson

Series 1, Episode 4

In our fourth Expert Lock-In of our first series, we spoke to Luke Baker and Leanne Hardy of Jewson, LNPG's partner for ...

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Lock-In: Johnstone’s Paint

Series 1, Episode 3

Continuing to march forward through our first series of LNPG's Expert Lock-Ins, we invited LNPG's top partner Johnstone'...

Hosted: 10/06/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Wolseley

Series 1, Episode 2

Carrying on the momentum with our first ever series of Expert Lock-Ins, in our second episode we spoke to Dave Woodward ...

Hosted: 03/06/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Magnet Kitchens

Series 1, Episode 1

We kicked off our very first season of LNPG's Expert Lock-in with one of the biggest hitters in LNPG's partner portfolio...

Hosted: 27/05/2020 07:00:00 pm

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