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It can be tough being a landlord these days, with what feels like constant legislation changes and the huge impact of the pandemic. You need to know that when it comes to your landlord insurance you’ve got a great price from a trusted broker. As LNPG’s insurance partner, we bring our personal and straightforward approach to finding better landlord insurance to the LNPG community – making sure you’ve got exactly the right cover you need, with no nasty surprises.

Let’s talk about our cover

  • All tenant types covered
  • Single and multi-property landlords
  • We give you up to £100,000 of Legal Expenses cover for free
  • Buildings and contents insurance
  • Accidental and malicious damage
  • Up to 90 days of un-occupancy as standard

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Buying Instructions

Here at Protect My Let, we’re not interested in giving you an automated off-the-shelf quote or fobbing you off with a chatbot. We’re committed to going off-script to get you better landlord insurance, and we can’t do that without a dedicated team who you’ll know by name.

New Business

These are the people you’ll be speaking to when coming to us as a new customer. Kevin will be the ones sourcing your cover from our panel of insurers, advising the best options for your single or multi-property policy and working with you to get the right protection for your lets.

Kevin Meek
New Business Senior Account Handler – 01206 913 394

Ella Reynolds
New Business Account Handler – 01206 771 429


Already got a policy with us? You’ll know one of these guys as your dedicated account handler. Our team are a close knit bunch so when Kevin transitions a new customer to the renewals team a full handover is done. If you need any changes to your existing policy before it comes to renewals, these are the guys to speak to. And when it comes to your renewal? They’ll be just as dedicated in finding you’re the right cover.

Will Riley
Senior Account Handler – 01206 913399

Matthew Dean
Senior Account Handler – 01206 913396

Nick Alldread
Account Handler – 01206 913397


1. Does my quote include my LNPG discount?

All quotes automatically incorporate applicable LNPG member discounts and benefits, provided we have your LNPG membership information.

2. Do we need your LNPG Membership number?

Yes, your LNPG Membership number is required. In the event you do not have it readily available, rest assured that we can access it through the LNPG database.

3. How can I provide my property information for a quote?

There are several methods to submit your property information for a quote:

Please contact us directly at 01206 913394 (Kevin Meek, LNPG insurance specialist) or 01206 771429 (Ella Reynolds) for immediate assistance.

You may forward your current Insurance schedule to,, or

Or, complete our comprehensive quote form available here.

4. Do you offer insurance for purposes other than Let Properties?

Indeed, we provide additional coverage options such as Landlord Home Emergencies, Rent Guarantee, and coverage for properties undergoing refurbishment before becoming available for rent.

Our insurance solutions extend to serviced accommodations (including Airbnb and holiday lets), as well as rent-to-rent and rent-to-serviced accommodation. *

Furthermore, as part of the broader broker organization Howden, we offer a wide array of insurance policies, encompassing Personal Home Insurance, Automobile Insurance, and even Pet Insurance.

*The refurbishment budget must not exceed £200,000 and should not surpass half of the total sum insured for your building.

5. How do I ensure I’m not underinsured?

Discover the answer to this question and gain insights into when you should obtain a building valuation for your rental property by referring to our informative resource: When should you get a building valuation on your rental and why? – Protect My Let.

6. Do I need insurance if I’m a leaseholder of a flat?

If you are a leaseholder, meaning you own or lease a portion of a property within a block of flats, it is probable that the structural insurance for the building itself is already in place, typically managed by the freeholder. However, as the leaseholder, you remain responsible for insuring the fixtures, fittings, furniture, white goods, as well as carpets and curtains within your specific unit. In such circumstances, Landlords Contents insurance is designed to provide the requisite coverage. Although fixtures and fittings coverage is typically included in building insurance, it is essential for leaseholders or those sharing a building to ensure proper protection.

7. Can you provide coverage for my new property from the exchange or completion date?

We strongly advise obtaining insurance coverage for your property once the exchange has occurred, as this is the point at which you assume legal responsibility. Solicitors and lenders commonly require insurance to be in place prior to the exchange of contracts.

Contact Information

Protect My Let is a trading name of Howden UK Brokers Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 307663. Registered in England and Wales under company registration number 02831010. Registered Office: One Creechurch Place, London, EC3A 5AF. Calls may be monitored and recorded for quality assurance purposes.

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