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Ambion Low-Carbon Infrared Heat Panels offer the best low-carbon heating system for Landlords, providing a cost-effective way to meet decarbonisation objectives and help tenants  stay out of fuel poverty.

Ambion Low-Carbon Heat Panels unique control system replaces thermostats, reducing both energy consumption and carbon emissions whilst maintaining a warm, comfortable heat. The control system uses constant dynamic pulsing of electricity to each panel –  using on average up to 60% less electricity than conventional electric heating, reducing bills and minimising carbon emissions.

Why Infrared
Infrared warms the materials within a room unlike conventional convective heating that heats the air, whilst providing a more natural, radiant heat that feels like standing in direct sunlight. Infrared is used because building materials absorb and store infrared, releasing it between pulses, making it the perfect partner for the Ambion control system.

Carbon emissions cut by on average 60%
Helping you achieve your decarbonisation goals.

Running costs up to 60% lower
Safeguarding residents from fuel poverty.

Happy, healthy homes
Protect your property from damp and mould. As infrared produces a dry heat and warms the fabric of the home rather than the air, Ambion Low-Carbon Heat Panels reduce condensation at source helping to reduce damp and mould and the circulation of dust and allergens.

No space constraints
Suitable for smaller, multi-occupancy buildings.

Easy to install
Requiring no central boiler, external unit or water-based delivery system.

Ready to retrofit
Installed by any qualified electrician, with no maintenance or hidden costs.

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Contact: Warren Knowles

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Product Size SKU/Product code
Ambion Low-Carbon Heat Panel Large GH-518RW
Ambion Low-Carbon Heat Panel Small GH-518BW
Ambion Low-Carbon Heat Panel Portrait GH-518PW
Ambion Low-Carbon Heat Panel IP Large GH-518RWIP
Ambion Low-Carbon Heat Panel IP Small GH-518BWIP
Ambion Low-Carbon Heat Panel IP Portrait GH-518PWIP
Ambion Control Panel   Control Panel GH-518CP
Commissioning N/A GH-COMM




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Contact Information

Contact: Warren Knowles


Tel: 0333 188 0633

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