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Limescale prevention device for whole house water systems


Combimate is part of the Cistermiser family, which have been designing, manufacturing and selling a range of high quality, cost effective, water-efficient products for nearly 50 years. Cistermiser’s first product was a hydraulic urinal flush control valve, created in 1976, when there were no regulations stipulating that companies had to minimise water consumption in the washroom.

The desire to conserve water and promote washroom hygiene is the key driver of Cistermiser’s ongoing investment in new product development. Today, the Cistermiser name is synonymous with quality and reliability and has become a generic term for all urinal flush controls.

How does it work?

Combimate is a device used to protect your appliances and heating system from limescale and corrosion – fitted to either protect single appliances, or the whole house.

Water rushes through the Combimate unit, which is filled with Combiphos crystals. The active ingredient of these crystals is phosphate which causes a chemical reaction with the calcium content of hard water. This doesn’t remove limescale from the system, but it prevents the calcium from sticking to metal surfaces and depositing limescale on the insides of your appliances and heating system.

Combimate, installed correctly in hard water areas – stops the risk of limescale build up without risking soft water corrosion.

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Combimate is a thoroughly proven limescale prevention device for use with combination boilers and protection of whole house water supplies in domestic settings.

Supported Products:

Combimate 15mm (COM1) Wolseley code: 171320

Combimate 22mm (COM2) Wolseley code: 171326

Combimate Limescale Prevention Device

Buying Instructions

Combimate is available to purchase via Wolseley. Please follow the usual purchasing process through Wolseley, which is via branch, online or through the 3 National Plumbing & Heating support contacts.

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The prices are available to view in the Wolseley Full Price Guide (Excel Download).


Combimate User Guides

Contact Information

You can contact the Wolseley National Plumbing & Heating Support Contacts here.

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