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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

July 2019

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

LNPG Ltd trading as Landlords National Purchasing Group or LNPG

LNPG Limited policy is to take measures to safeguard the privacy of our Members at every stage and we hold personal information about Members in accordance with strict guidelines as explained in this data protection and privacy policy. This document forms part of the terms and conditions of Membership of the Landlords National Purchasing Group. If you have any questions or comments about our policy, please contact us directly.

Personal Data

‘Personal Data’ means any data from which or through which you can be personally identified or contacted (either directly or together with other information held), for example name, address, email address and telephone numbers. Any Personal Data that we collect from you is treated as confidential to us and other organisations that assist us with the operation of the Landlords National Purchasing Group and, subject to the special provisions for ‘Financial Account Data’ as explained below, to LNPG.

Whilst LNPG will introduce to you product offers from the Partner Network, no Partners or other third parties will be given access to your Personal Data without your consent except to assist a Partner in the creation and maintenance of a Partner Account.

We reserve the right to request sales reports from each of these partners for any accounts created under the LNPG pricing matrix.

We will not sell, lend or otherwise transfer out of our control Personal Data to a Partner or other third party except as above.

If you initiate a complaint or enquiry in relation to LNPG membership and or an account held with a Partner we may need to disclose some Personal Data for example your name and transaction details to the Partner in order to help resolve the issue. In such circumstances your enquiry will be pursued on the basis that you consent to a necessary and sufficient disclosure of your Personal Data to achieve a resolution when you make the complaint or enquiry.

We also collect other information about you in the operation of LNPG and in related promotions and competitions, for example information on your preferences, opinions, pages visited on our website and shopping conducted through LNPG. This other information is used by us and organisations that assist us in operating LNPG and by LNPG Limited, to deliver content and offers that are likely to be more relevant to you. However, we do not deliver this other information to Partners or other third parties in a form in which it can be linked to your Personal Data.

Financial Account Data

‘Financial Account Data’ is a sub-class of Personal Data covering any credit and debit card numbers or bank details or any other personal financial information that you register with LNPG.

We do not store Financial Account Data on our database or files, nor do we share this information with third parties.

Our payment processing partners are GoCardless and PayPal. Your Financial Account Data is held with these partners in accordance with their own respective privacy policies which can be viewed here (for GoCardless) and here (for PayPal).

Electronic Mail

In registering for the LNPG you are providing your consent to receive marketing communications by electronic mail. However, you may unsubscribe from such electronic mail communications at any time. If you unsubscribe you will not receive details of offers electronically unless you remember to visit the LNPG website.

We may contact you from time to time regarding your Membership for reasons such as renewals, payments and other matters directly related to the operation of your Membership.

Use of Cookies

When your web browser accesses a specific website such as LNPG website or emails, cookies (a small type of file) may be automatically stored on your hard drive. This will depend on your browser settings.

There are various ways in which the LNPG website relies on cookies. Most commonly, they are used to keep track of your interactions with the website during your session and to record click-throughs to our partners’ websites.

Cookies may be set by LNPG, or by any other websites in the partner network. When you go through to make a purchase on the partner’s site, it’s the cookie that tells us which shopping partner you’ve clicked-through to and when.

If you’ve made a purchase the cookie informs us the time you made it and the amount. In some cases it may also record the type of product purchased and the value of the purchase.

How We Use Your cookies

Cookies will be used to record your interactions with the website during your session and to present relevant information to you for the pages that you request.

Cookies allow LNPG to provide members with tailored shopping partner offers through emails.

Please note we do not track online activity that is unrelated to LNPG or the partner network.

Managing Your Cookies

For the LNPG website to function effectively and for LNPG to manage your account, your browser settings must allow cookies to load.

You can find out how to manage and remove cookies at


We consider that it is in the interests of Members to have access to LNPG benefits regardless of their geographical location and reserve the right to use organisations outside of the European Economic Area to process Personal Data if we are satisfied this does not put at risk any of the safeguards that are in place under this data protection and privacy policy or under statute in the European Economic Area.

We reserve the right to access and disclose Personal Data about LNPG Members where we are compelled to do so by law.

Registering with LNPG constitutes your consent for processing your Personal Data in the manner and for the purposes indicated above and reasonable purposes ancillary to those objectives and each transaction entered into by you with or through LNPG constitutes your continuing affirmation of such consent.

Data Controller: LNPG Limited trading as Landlords National Purchasing Group or LNPG, Registered in England No: 7746131. Registered Office: Rundle House, Charters Road, Ascot, England, SL5 9QD.

Third Party Cookies

In order to provide a more comprehensive service to our members, LNPG works with several services and technologies using cookies. These services and technologies include: a live chat service that enables our members to immediately and directly get in contact with the LNPG office, where we assist with any queries.

We would encourage you to accept these cookies in order to get the best service LNPG has to offer.


‘we’ and ‘us’ means LNPG Limited trading as ‘Landlords National Purchasing Group’ or ‘LNPG’

‘LNPG’ means ‘Landlords National Purchasing Group’.

‘Member’ means a person who has registered for this promotion and Membership shall be construed accordingly.

‘Partner’ and ‘Partner Network’ refers to those organisations participating in this promotion to provide benefits to the Members for the purposes of this promotion.

‘Partner Account’ means a personal or trade account held by the Partner to facilitate the Member to obtain the benefits negotiated by LNPG.