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Established in the 1890s, we have built a longstanding reputation as one of the most respected manufacturers across the plumbing, heating, and engineering worlds. It’s a reputation earned the hard way, through an unceasing focus on quality and innovation over the past 130 years – and still going strong today.

Some of the world’s best-known products now carry the Pegler name, including top-quality products now available to LNPG members via your Plumbing and Heating Partner, Wolseley. This includes the most specified radiator valve in the UK, the Terrier TRV, and a range of TMV2 & TMV3 compliant mixing valves designed to help keep your tenants safe. You can learn more about how these products can help your properties in the products section later in this page.

We strive ourselves in offering our customers with a complete solution every time, made and sourced from one and the same organisation.

Our motto says it all; don’t just buy products, buy solutions; learn more here.

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Buying Instructions

To make things as easy as possible, we’ve partnered with LNPG through Wolseley, your national plumbing and heating merchant.

This means you can find us in any of the relevant price lists (check the Controls section of the LNPG Full Price Guide) to find all of our products.

It also means that by using any of Wolseley’s Buying Instructions should put you in touch with someone who can help get one of our products to you.


With over 130 years’ experience, we’re a world-leader in valve technology. Within the LNPG framework, you’ll find a selection of our best-selling valves complete with contract support. We’ve broken it down below:


Pegler Terrier

With its distinctly Yorkshire pedigree, our Terrier Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) is the world’s most trusted TRV.

The Terrier has been designed to perfection, down to to the smallest detail. You’ll find an ergonomic design with a low-friction turn, giving back heating comfort control to those that need it most. With a colour-coded and numbered dial, you can rest assured that your tenants need no specialist knowledge to use their heading efficiently and safely – protecting your properties against rising fuel bills and damp spots in the darkest corners.

More details can be found in the Terrier Product Catalogue.

Pegler Terrier TRV

All supported TRVs

To see all supported Pegler TRVs, check out the table below (all prices are ex VAT).

Wolseley Code Product Price
250080 Bulldog 2 15mm TRV & L/S Valve Pack Angled £9.33
250081 Bulldog 2 10/8mm TRV & L/S Valve Pack Angled £9.80
249292 Terrier 3 TRV ANGLED 15mm £10.80
249294 Terrier 3 TRV & LS Angled 15mm £12.58
249296 Terrier 3 TRV & Drain Off LS Angled 15mm £13.67
249298 Terrier 3 Straight TRV & LS 15mm £15.24
501107 Mistral II 15mm Angled TRV £6.10
501109 Mistral II 15mm Angled TRV & LS £8.54

Mixing Valves

PEG402 Mixing Valve

Designed around safety, the PEG402 mixing valve ensures your tenants’ access to hot water doesn’t put them in harm’s way. Though flow rates and pressure to your properties can vary even minute-by-minute, this TMV2 & TMV3 compliant mixing valve will maintain safe water temperatures.

Pegler PEG402 Mixing Valve

All supported Mixing Valves

To see all supported Pegler mixing valves, check out the table below (all prices are ex VAT).

Wolseley Code Product Price
C85158 15mm PEG402 Mixer Valve TMV3/2 £26.20
C85159 22mm PEG402 Mixer Valve TMV3/2 £30.50
C85160 15mm PEG402UA Mixer Valve TMV3/2 £48.23
C85161 22mm PEG402UA Mixer Valve TMV3/2 £56.09
C85162 15mm PEG402UAX Mixer Valve TMV3/2 £50.55
C85163 22mm PEG402UAX Mixer Valve TMV3/2 £58.35
C85164 15mm TX402 Mixing Valve TMV3/2 Tectite Push-Fit Connections £29.13
C85165 22mm TX402 Mixing Valve TMV3/2 Tectite Push-Fit Connections £33.14

For a complete Their catalogue consists of items such as push-fit, radiator valves, plumbing valves, along with compression, and capillary fittings. For more detailed information about supported items that LNPG members can get exclusive pricing on, please see the Controls & Water Treatment tab within the Wolseley Full Price Guide below.


You can find prices in the products section of this page, or by visiting Wolseley’s page on this website.

Or if you’re just after the Wolseley Full Price Guide, CLICK HERE

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