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Are you frustrated with the time taken and obstacles involved to access funds to buy and develop land and property?

Have you lost out on land or property deals reserved for “cash buyers” or buyers who can “complete rapidly”, which could have given you a good return on investment?

Have you been curious to understand how the most successful landlords and developers continue to buy larger and more profitable sites?

How would you like an Expert Consultant working with over 180 lenders to find you the best financial products so you can grow your business quicker?

One Click Finance offer expert advice for landlords and developers. We operate Independently across all UK lenders. Our goal is to help your business obtain the best products to acquire or develop more property, quickly and effectively.

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Products and Services

We can support LNPG members with:

Short term finance for: Purchasing at auction, Property renovation, chain breaks or short-term Cash Flow relief

Longer term finance for: Commercial, Buy-to-Let (including HMO and short term lets), or complex Residential acquisitions

Refurbishment and Development finance for: Light, Medium & Heavy Refurbishment, and Ground up new builds

Why do professional landlords and developers partner with us?

  1. Speed – a proven track record of acquiring new property and releasing capital in under 12 days
  2. Solving problems – portfolio capital raising, debt re-structuring, adverse credit, unorthodox land, property, or tenants
  3. No industry jargon – just straight forward communication
  4. Clear and transparent fees – our fees are transparent, and we work hard to ensure that applications are made with the right lender solely based on your needs and requirements
  5. Fully regulated and operate to the highest standards – we work in accordance with all UK legal, regulatory and compliance requirements


We have a proven track record of obtaining complex funding solutions for our clients, even when they have found difficulty elsewhere.

This is achieved by utilising our vast network from the UK’s largest Banks to smaller private Banking institutions, to find the right product and right lender for your exact requirements.

We stay independent and unaffiliated with any lender(s) to ensure you get the most cost-effective solution that benefits your business.

We are here to partner with LNPG members and help fulfil your ambitions of growth this year, so get in touch now ahead of your next deal!

Contact Information

LNPG – Key Account Director:

Kam Gumman

One Click Finance Limited

Tel: 0800 448 0515

Mobile: 07901 864 891



PRODUCT Standard Fee LNPG Members Fee Saving
BUY-TO-LET & HMO MORTGAGES £499 £249 50%




Gross loan amount (up to) Standard Fee LNPG Members Fee Saving
£200,000 £1,800 £999 45%
£400,000 £3,600 £1,499 58%


DEVELOPMENT FINANCE* £600,000 £5,400 £1,999 63%
£800,000 £7,200 £2,999 58%
£1,000,000 £9,000 £3,999 56%

Fees are only due on receipt of a loan offer from a lender.

*The above is a short selection of pricing as Bridging and Development finance stretches up to £25,000,000+. Please contact us directly for pricing.