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We’re more than a magazine. We’re a community. A community that is dedicated to arming you with the knowledge and network you need to take your portfolio to the next level.

The magazine itself contains everything you need from a property magazine and more. It has case studies on interesting projects that are completely unique. These case studies tell it all, as the authors outline the mistakes they made, the money it cost, and how you can avoid doing the same.

It has stories of how people just like you rose to the height of their property careers and went from full-time jobs to full-time property investors.

Finally, it has tips, tricks, and insider hacks from industry professionals who share their insights on how you can save and make money. That’s anything from tax advice to guidance on how you can raise private finance to grow your portfolio with none of your own capital.

As for the community aspect, we host in-person and online events each month that are included in your membership. You’ll meet a room full of like-minded individuals, and you’ll pick up golden nuggets from our fantastic guest speakers.

Every article is written with you in mind. Every feature is telling a story that will help you. That’s what makes us different. That is how we are bringing property back to the people, it’s how we’re bringing it to you.

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