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Big Savings on Quality Products

With over two and a half million private landlords in the UK, why rely only on your individual buying power?

As the largest buying group for private landlords in the UK, LNPG have combined the power of over 5,500 landlords to negotiate fantastic prices with major national suppliers through the power of contract pricing.

All major aspects of the typical property refurbishment are covered. Everything from kitchens, bathrooms, and paint through to flooring, boilers, and building materials can be secured for less on LNPG’s pre-negotiated terms, as well as many property investment-related services.

Where’s the Pricing?

We cannot share our pricing with the general public, so you won’t find any pricing until you log in as a member. That’s why we offer a 14-day cooling-off period and the rollover guarantee for each and every LNPG membership. This way, you can be confident that an LNPG membership will save you money.

Join over 5,500 UK landlords today and find out how much time and money you could save in your properties.

Spend Less On:


Build & Garden

Doors & Windows









Premium Worktops

Discover the Secrets of LNPG Pricing

Contract pricing is great. But only if you understand it.

If you’re new to the game it can be a minefield: locked down, secretive, and downright confusing.

So, join us on our next Non-Members’ webinar as we go under the bonnet of the LNPG membership.

You’ll find out where you can start saving with LNPG, common pitfalls of procurement as a professional property investor, and a few pricing comparisons to help you paint a picture of life as part of the UK’s largest buying group for private landlords.

Clear your diary and we’ll see you live on the next Zoom webinar.

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