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Magnetic filters and chemicals to protect your heating system


We want every heating system to be protected from corrosion; saving homeowners money, increasing maintenance efficiency, and reducing carbon emissions.

In partnership with LNPG, we’re helping landlords to eliminate the headache of system breakdowns, sharing ways to help you and your tenant benefit from more reliable, cleaner, and cost-effective heating systems.

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We’ve created a short guide to help explain the damage that sludge, also known as magnetite, can cause to heating systems.

We also show you what it could cost if you do nothing to combat sludge.

And we show you how you can easily protect heating systems in your properties.


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Why Protect Your Heating System?

Sludge is the number one cause of boiler breakdowns.

Corrosion in pipes and radiators can lead to a build-up of sludge in your properties’ heating systems.

As a landlord, central heating systems and boilers are likely to be among your largest investments. Breakdowns can be expensive and a major inconvenience.

Protecting against sludge build-up will help to avoid unexpected maintenance bills, reduce your tenant’s fuel bills, and lower carbon emissions

How to Protect Your Heating System

Your heating engineer can remove existing system sludge using ADEY recommended methods and water treatment chemicals.
To avoid further build-up of sludge, an ADEY filter can be fitted to capture magnetite

Yearly Maintenance Assistance

Keep an annual record of your heating system water health by asking your heating engineer to complete the Water Treatment Form created for landlords by LNPG and ADEY: Water Treatment Form

You can download copies by following the link below or send the pdf to your heating engineer prior to your annual heating service.

The form can be printed out and details completed during the visit, and a copy of the form scanned and retained for your records following completion.

AD12 Boiler Maintenance Assessment Form


A full list of supported products is available on the Wolseley Master Pricing Guide (Excel Download).


ADEY ProCheck®

Poor water quality is the most common cause of central heating breakdown. ADEY have developed the UK’s first universal water test giving instant lab-style testing and results to a smartphone.  Ask your heating engineer about it today.

Find out more.

MagnaClean Professional3 Sense®

A Wi-Fi connected predictive magnetic filter, the MagnaClean Professional3 Sense provides high performance system protection, predicts potential system problems, and offers connected preventative maintenance.

Find out more.

Underfloor heating solution

MC10+ Biocide®

A concentrated, dual biocide to prevent bacterial contamination, algae and micro-organisms in heating systems.  Designed for use with underfloor heating.

Find out more.

MagnaClean TwinTech®

The MagnaClean TwinTech has dual performance with its high-performance magnet capturing the iron oxide corrosion and wire gauze capturing the non-magnetic and biological films.

Find out more.

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