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Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) is a family of innovative brands that transform performance and efficiency for plumbing and heating, smart homes, and specialist industries around the globe.

World leaders in plastic, as well as metal, push-fit solutions and water control valves, RWC’s JG Speedfit, Reliance Valves, and SharkBite brands offer sustainable and efficient solutions through a range of engineered and innovative products.

Installers can be more efficient than ever before, with a complete behind-the-wall plumbing solution from a single trusted manufacturer. The range includes pipes, fittings, and valves which are designed to integrate from boiler to point-of-use within the modern built environment.

But that’s not all, RWC also have a wide range of energy-efficient and easy-to-fit underfloor heating solutions. From new build to repair, maintenance, and renovation work, they’ve got everything you need to complete your job in no time.

• With the largest network of technical engineers and sales team in the UK, on-hand to provide technical advice and support.

• 24 hour turnaround of underfloor heating quotes.

• JG Speedfit’s core range of products come with a 50-year guarantee.

• JG Underfloor fittings and pipe come with a 50-year guarantee and manifolds, control packs and heating controls with a 2-year guarantee.

• Sharkbite products come with a 25-year guarantee.

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LNPG have been given access to supported pricing across all JG Speedfit push-fit fittings and underfloor heating SKUs, as well as their Sharkbite fittings and Reliance Valves. You can find out more about these products below.

Fast, simple and secure connections

Get fast and leak-tight connections every time with JG Speedfit’s easy-to-install push-fit plumbing and heating system. Using a unique blend of push-fit and multi-seal technology, Speedfit can be installed and demounted in seconds without the need for tools or hot works.

From straights, elbows and tees to ultra-flexible pipe, service valves and tap connectors, they have everything you need to complete your job in no time. And all are compatible with either plastic or copper pipe. JG Speedfit is suitable for hot and cold water and central heating systems.

The smarter way to heat a home

From new builds to retrofits and extensions, JG Underfloor offers a wide range of energy-efficient push-fit underfloor heating systems for any project or floor construction. Fast and simple to install, using JG Speedfit push-fit connections and JG Underfloor controls. Plus, all JG Underfloor products are underpinned with unrivalled technical support from a free quote and CAD service, through to support before, during, or after install. And, for added peace of mind, all quotes are returned in 24 hours.

The world’s leading water control valves

Reliance Valves specialise in water pressure, temperature and thermostatic mixing valves that protect and safeguard hot and cold water systems, creating safe and comfortable spaces where people live, work, learn and play.

Designed to give precise control over the delivery of water through a robust range of potable and non-potable plumbing products. From compression to BSP thread and push-fit, their water control valves come with a variety of end connections and are suitable for residential and commercial applications. An extensive range of combination and specialist valves are also available, which combine multiple functions into one unit, saving time and space on site.

The brass push-fit solution with more bite

SharkBite brass push-fit fittings are tough. Able to withstand high temperature and pressure makes them ideal for connecting copper pipes directly to a boiler. Made from DZR brass, their sleek design means they also look good in front of a wall.

Using a simple push action, SharkBite is installed without the need for tools, hot works, crimping or glue, and is compatible with both plastic and copper pipe.

To browse JG Speedfit’s extensive range of products, click here to visit their website.

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