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LNPG works with a number of experts in the property investment and development field. These people have a host of experience and knowledge which they can pass on to LNPG members via their seminars, training and mentoring programmes.

Simon Zutshi

Simon Zutshi, experienced investor, successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, is widely recognised as the top wealth creation strategists in the UK. Having started to invest in 1995, he became financially independent by the age of 32.

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Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright did his first refurb project in 1983 and has more than 30 years’ experience in the property business. He’s had first-hand experience of being a landlord, a developer and a financial advisor, and has brought all this together as an expert in property finance. Over the last decade Kevin has not only earned a reputation for providing creative – and legal – ways to buy property, but also developed a very successful programme to teach others to do this too.

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HMO Daddy

Jim Haliburton began his property journey in 1991 letting rooms to students. At the time he was a College Lecturer lecturing in Law. His tenants were students who all came from the College where Jim worked. He immediately discovered that by renting out individual rooms to his student tenants he could generate between 3 and 5 times more rental income than if he were letting the house out on a Single Let basis. Thus he began to specialise in acquiring and converting properties into HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) to maximise his investment returns. Jim is now the head of HMO Daddy, the UK’s leading property training business

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Francis and Emily Dolley

After spending what seemed a lifetime working in the construction industry, Francis felt more than a little stuck in the life he had created. His daughter Emily had just got a degree in Architecture but realised that it was not the life she really wanted. After a few years focusing on 2 and 3 bed properties, Francis moved his attention to Multi-Lets for the turbo-charged cashflow they produce. When Emily discovered a way to secure large properties for VERY little money, that would produce as much as or even more than the Multi-Lets they had owned, they gave it their undivided attention. In 6 months they had created a £5k NET cashflow and quickly systemised and leveraged the business so that now they spend very little time actually working ‘in’ it.

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Mark Lloyd and Jackie Reeves

Property Mastery Academy was established in 2012 by Mark Lloyd and Jackie Reeves who have been business partners for over 20 years. After buying a property overseas and a buy-to-let in the UK, it was in October 2009 that they made a life-changing decision: to sell their existing business and become serious full-time property investors. Over the next 18 months, Mark and Jackie focused on learning everything they could about property: attending training courses and investing heavily in their property education.

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