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Every landlord should be able to access great products at reasonable rates.

For years, the public sector (like councils, universities, and housing associations) have used contract pricing to build and maintain their properties at a fractional cost. This not only benefits them, but their tenants too. In fact, the power of contract pricing has helped to maintain and improve the quality of public sector housing stock in this country for years.

Until 2011, no such equivalent existed for the private rental sector.

So we decided to change that.

LNPG is on a mission to bring private landlords together. We strive to obtain unbeatable contract rates for everything you’ll need to build, refurb, and maintain your properties. In doing so, we know our members will be able to save money, save wasted time & energy, and carry out better refurbs, improving the standard of living in the private rental sector – forever.


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Let’s be honest, the most important thing to us is getting the best pricing possible for our members.

We’ve opened up the world of contract pricing to the private landlord, and there’s no going back.

Product Quality
Product Quality

Saving money on your refurb means nothing if it falls apart after two minutes.

Our focus is on getting great pricing on quality goods to raise the standard of living for your tenants and save you money in the long-term as well as the short-term.

Working Together

Breaking out of the 9 to 5 and investing in property can be a lonely game. But when you know where to look, it can be the best place to find ambitious, likeminded individuals.

We’ve pulled together thousands of landlords in LNPG to make real change and offer real support for the market.


How It Started

LNPG is the result on one landlord’s frustrations with being cut out of the contract market. Back in 2006, Nick Watchorn attended a council meeting on the subject of building closer ties between the public and private rental sectors.

For Nick, the solution was simple – give private landlords access to the council’s contract pricing rates. But as with any simple solution, getting there was much more complicated.

The idea didn’t go down well. And even after five more fruitless years of knocking on suppliers’ doors, Nick was undeterred. Eventually his patience was rewarded, and on January 1st 2011 with a freshly-inked contract in hand, LNPG was born.

In the years since, LNPG has become a force within the industry. The largest buying group for private landlords in the UK, having collectively spent more than £135 million since we were founded.

Every LNPG member is able to leverage the buying power of the entire group to obtain contract pricing for their properties, saving thousands of pounds in the process. What’s more, an LNPG membership means cutting down costs without cutting out quality products, so savings go much further.

Find out how contract pricing works in more detail. Want to know how we use contract pricing in more detail? Find out how it works here.


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