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Jewson Tool Hire have a wide range of equipment for you to hire and their quick and easy Tool Hire service means you will never be without the correct tools.

From hand tools, like lawnmowers and power saws, to larger equipment such as excavators and dumper trucks. Their tool hire selection covers every aspect of any project, including woodworking, decorating, masonry, and more. You can rent equipment over flexible time periods, from 24 hours to several weeks.

LNPG members can now benefit from an exclusive 65% off list price. This is just for LNPG members and compared to the Website price that varies up to 45% off the list price, this is a great benefit to LNPG members using Jewson Tool Hire.

Hold Your Horses!

Some information on this page is just for members – it might include pricing, contact information and other sensitive details that we need to keep to ourselves.

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Buying Instructions

To order, simply call or email Jewson National Tool Hire Centre on 0113 2707 688 /  providing your LNPG-linked Jewson account number, property address and requirements.

The National Tool Hire Centre will apply the LNPG discount at point of sale/enquiry – Proof of ID (upon first order) and a deposit will be required for all cash account orders.

Large Hires

A credit account must be opened and relevant insurance procured before a large hire can be made.

Jewson credit account applications must be made via LNPG, not in branch or online else it will not be set up correctly.

If you would prefer to use a credit account rather than a cash account, you can download the Credit Account Application Form Here

Plant Hire

Plant hire is also available through the same process as regular Tool Hire, but there are a couple of differences you should be aware of.

Firstly, Members will need to provide their own Hired In Plant insurance documents to cover damage and theft from the outset.

Credit accounts will not need to pay a deposit upfront but cash accounts will need to pay a deposit of twice the weekly standard hire rate.


You can find the annual fixed rates of the tool hire using the show prices button at the top of the page.

Prices are listed for 24 hours rental, prices are also available for additional 24 hours, week and weekend rental.

Make sure to contact the National Tool Hire Centre and not your local branch.

Contact Information


Phone: 0113 270 7688