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LOFT are an end-to-end service for residential landlords, designed for property professionals. Bolstered by almost 20 years of experience, we are specialists in creating homes that residents will truly connect with while taking the pressure away from landlords, property agents and developers. We aim to create interiors that will maximise yields for a landlord while reducing voids and we achieve this by connecting residents to the property through unique and stunning interiors.

Our People First ethos guides all facets of our operating, while our core offerings of Designing, Delivering, Assembling, Installing, Removing, Replacing & Recycling ensure we can facilitate any job across the residential property sector. Our dual warehouse and office locations across the UK all us to move swiftly and efficiently to any scale job nationwide.

What makes LOFT unique is our extensive and stress-free service offerings. We work in collaboration with you to deliver your project on time, within budget, and above expectations. Our concrete business model is supported by project delivery and operational strength, with abundant expertise and experience across all departments. With a clear and compelling vision for the future, the leadership and management team at LOFT are responsible for driving change and core business operations, in response to the demands of today’s residential marketplace.

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All LOFT products are discount for LNPG  members through our unique checkout code. Check out our full product range for all rooms within your property through our online shop. Our deep range of stock and dual warehouse locations in Manchester & London ensure you will get your furniture delivered quickly and smoothly.

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LNPG members receive a 10% discount across all LOFT products, whichever way you buy.

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Check out some examples of how we have transformed properties to achieve their full potential, through our Residential Case Study Brochure.

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