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TCD Energy is a Consultancy… NOT an Energy Brokerage.

This is IMPORTANT. We are focused on providing unrivalled customer experience and ongoing support It’s not just about switching energy suppliers, we offer much more.

  • • Energy contract reviews
    • Metering and connections
    • Billing, monitoring & account management
    • Vat over-payment reclaims on your behalf
    • A single point of contact for all things energy

What Sets Us Apart?

We’re also property people! We understand property intimately as we’re investors and have a sister Management Company. Working predominantly in the Property Sector means we speak the same language and understand what customers need from us.

Don’t confuse us with an Energy Brokerage, we don’t just complete a pricing exercise, we review the whole market and provide support, advice and portfolio management. Once you work with us, we can support bespoke procurement strategies, dedicated account management and ongoing dispute resolution.


Hold Your Horses!

Some information on this page is just for members – it might include pricing, contact information and other sensitive details that we need to keep to ourselves.

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Buying Instructions

As an LNPG member, you’ll benefit from free advice and support with absolutely no obligation whatsoever. We are here to provide expert knowledge and support which is complimentary to all LNPG members.

We Add Value

  • We’ve successfully recovered VAT over-payments for our clients. If you are uncertain, as an LNPG member we can check this for you, and if appropriate submit all of the required paperwork on your behalf.
  • LNPG Energy Support Line. We are your single point of contact for any questions, queries or support you may need in relation to your energy supplies. Need to talk to someone “in-the-know”? Just call us on 0333 335 5200
  • Portfolio Appraisal. Uncertain if your energy tariffs, account management and energy utilisation monitoring is optimal? We specialise in helping clients that have built large portfolios to appraise their current arrangements and to identify opportunities to optimise.

How the Process Works

Step 1

Call us on: 0333 335 5200 or email us at

We can discuss your requirements over the telephone to get a better understanding of what support you need.

Step 2

Sign the TCD “Letter of Authority” to enable us to speak with your current supplier and engage the whole market to commence appraising your specific circumstances. You will receive this via e-sign and will take you seconds to sign and return from any device.

Step 3

TCD Energy will produce a comprehensive report and walk you through your options.

Webinar Library New Feature

Fancy catching up on what TCD Energy is up to? Well you’re in luck.

The videos below are edited clips from our Lock-In series, where we sit down with the people behind the scenes and discuss hot topics and upcoming updates.

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