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LNPG Frequently Asked Questions


Is it worth it? Will I save my money? All of LNPG’s frequently asked questions can be found here to get you saving like a pro.

Where can I make the most savings?

LNPG are perhaps best known for our unbeatable contract pricing on kitchens, boilers, and bathrooms.

Over the years, however, we’ve bolstered the membership to cover pretty well everything you’ll need for a standard rental refurb. That means if you want to branch out to saving on paints, insurance, or even car finance, we’ve got you covered.

How do I buy a product with LNPG?

Buying products at the LNPG price is different for each partner. Still, in each case, we’ve tried to make it as straightforward as we can.

Wherever you’re looking to save money, it’s worth checking the appropriate partner page to find out how to use them. We have a specific Buying Instructions section on every partner page once members have logged in.

And if you’re ever unsure, our team at LNPG HQ are always on hand. You can contact us on 01455 23 44 99 /

Why do I need to register my properties?

There are two answers to this question:

Firstly, LNPG’s buying power grows with every new property added. It gives our suppliers an idea of the size of the opportunity in LNPG, and the more properties we can verify, the better.

Secondly, our manufacturers gave us the opportunity to access contract pricing for the private landlord market under strict restrictions. This means our members must be landlords to join and we must be able to prove this when necessary.

In fact it’s such an important point for members to follow that it forms part of our terms and conditions.

How can I see LNPG prices?

We do not share our contract prices on any public platform, including this website.

Typically, if our suppliers are happy with us sharing our pricing with non-members, the pricing isn’t good enough in the first place. Similarly, to avoid devaluing products and upsetting other customers, LNPG are contractually obliged to keep our pricing a secret until a new member signs up and uploads their full property portfolio.

This means that in many cases – joining LNPG requires a leap of faith. That’s why we offer a 14-day cooling off period, as well as a risk-free membership to give our members peace of mind.

Is LNPG available throughout the UK?

The majority of LNPG’s suppliers are national but we do also have regional suppliers on board who are can only to cater to specific regions or areas, depending on project size.

In cases where our partners are regional rather than national, we have clearly stated information of their coverage on their page.

Likewise, several of our national suppliers may not cover Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands. With this in mind, we offer members in these regions the membership fee at a reduced rate. If this is your situation, please speak to our membership team on 01455 23 44 99 /

How long does it take to receive my membership card?

Once you have joined and uploaded your full property portfolio to LNPG’s website, your membership card will be sent out.

Typically, members will receive their card around 14 days of joining LNPG, but in cases where there is an unusual delay it is always best to check with our membership team on 01455 23 44 99 /

What are the typical savings I can make? (aka Can I buy cheaper?)

Savings are dependant on exactly what you need to buy, as our LNPG members will always achieve below trade prices from any of our partners, in most cases the saving is between 10-50%.

We have designed LNPG to ensure individual private landlords cannot buy cheaper. The areas where we receive contract-supported pricing are significantly cheaper than anywhere else in the open market.

Where is my welcome email?

We send a welcome email to your registered email address within seconds of your payment clearing, but sometimes it may take a little while to actually arrive. If you have not received your welcome email within five minutes, please check your spa, folder. As it is an automated email, some email services, particularly Gmail, tend to treat this email as spam.

As we mainly use email to contact you, we recommend that you add the following address to your Contacts or Safe Sender list: and .

Please click here to see a guide to adding an email address to your safe senders list for the most common email systems.

Any other questions?

Got a question we haven’t answered here? Get in touch with the team on / 01455 23 44 99 and we’ll give it everything we’ve got.

Speak to you then!