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Electric Heating: The Future-Proofed Choice for Landlords


By Electric Radiators Direct

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Electric Heating: The Future-Proofed Choice for Landlords

Home heating has come under a lot of scrutiny as one of the main contributors to the UK’s carbon emissions and numerous industry reports have stressed the need for decisive change. Even the humble gas boiler – a mainstay of many properties – is having its future re-evaluated and looks set to be phased out of new builds altogether by 2025. So, if that’s the case, what’s the future for domestic and commercial heating? The answer is in many cases is electric in all its forms. Whether it’s electric radiators or electric boilers, air source heat pumps or infrared, electric heating is going to be key toward achieving a greener, better future for everyone. It’s no longer playing second-fiddle to gas and offers efficient heating, quick installation and a host of other benefits for landlords and developers. Here’s why:

Easy Installation, Zero Maintenance

Electric heaters offer total freedom when it comes to fitting and can be quickly and easily installed by a professional electrician. In fact, there are some solutions which are suitable for DIY installation so if you need to refurbish a room at short notice, all you need to do is mount your heater to the wall and plug it in at the mains. Job done. You don’t need to bother with pipes, valves or draining the system whenever you want to move an electric radiator, which means no lengthy callouts or invasive installation. Electric heating solutions can also help to cut down on costs when it comes to maintenance too. With gas, there’s all the rigmarole of annual servicing and checks, as well as monthly breakdown cover but there’s none of this hassle if you opt for electric.

Efficient & Controllable Heating

Unlike gas central heating, most electric heating systems are modular, allowing you to have precision control over your property’s temperature levels on a room by room basis. So, for example, as electric radiators have their controllers and thermostats built into each unit, you can decide on an individual temperature level and heating programme for each area of the building to minimise energy usage. The thermostats in electric heaters are often accurate to within a fraction of a degree for pin-point temperature management, and combined with their daily and weekly programming, you can rest assured that you’re never wasting energy.

Energy-Saving Features as Standard

It’s a great time to switch to electric heating. The recent overhaul of legislation in 2018 for electric space heating has meant that all products manufactured since that time will now meet an even more impeccably high standard, coming with extra energy-saving features built in so you can slim your running costs even further. Take open window detection, for example, which is now a feature included with most electric heaters. This function is clever enough to know when a room is losing heat too quickly because of an open door or window, and effectively stops the heater from operating until the source of the draught is dealt with. Then, once the temperature has stabilised, it will resume heating as normal. It’s a superb feature for shared houses and student accommodation and engages automatically so no effort is needed.

Smart Heating for Modern Lifestyles

For landlords, we highly recommend products with WiFi heating control as this allows you to program and adjust heaters using a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. WiFi compatible products like our Haverland SmartWave and Technotherm KS DSM electric radiators let you check current temperatures, change your programming and group heaters together all from your phone, so no matter where you go, you’re always in total control. Heating apps also provide access to a wealth of extra features. They give you the option of viewing energy statistics to keep an eye on consumption and most come with a ‘guest account’ feature, which allows other users to be able to adjust the heaters without giving them full access to your account settings.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

Clean energy recently overtook fossil fuels in terms of the percentage generated in the UK, which goes to show we’re slowly but steadily moving away from gas and coal as a method of powering and heating our homes. As we increasingly source more power from renewables, choosing electric heating becomes a no-brainer, especially when it’s paired with a green energy tariff for truly environmentally-conscious, zero-carbon heating. It’s safe, it’s becoming the greener choice by the day, and it’s emission free heating with no worry about carbon monoxide.

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