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Francis and Emily Dolley

Francis and Emily Dolley LNPG Experts

After spending what seemed a lifetime working in the construction industry, Francis felt more than a little stuck in the life he had created. His daughter Emily had just got a degree in Architecture, but realised that it was not the life she really wanted.

After a few years focusing on 2 and 3 bed properties, Francis moved his attention to Multi-Lets for the turbo-charged cashflow they produce. When Emily discovered a way to secure large properties for VERY little money, that would produce as much as or even more than the Multi-Lets they had owned, they gave it their undivided attention.

In 6 months they had created a £5k NET cashflow and quickly systemised and leveraged the business so that now they spend very little time actually working ‘in’ it.

Francis says – “We consider this strategy to be the ‘lottery winners approach’ to investing. It’s really low input to set up a property – sometimes lower than £1,000 – and low risk. This strategy has enabled Emily to become financially independent in a very short time and now she totally leverages me!”

Their Multi-Let System has grown and has now been honed to perfection and moved into mainstream investing!

The Multi-Let Cashflow System

We run the main introduction to Rent 2 Rent event approximately every 2 months. We also run a Letting Agent Day several times throughout the year and this is presented by a working letting agent who has integrated Rent 2 Rent into his portfolio.

Twice a year we also run the EDGE Advanced Mentoring Programme – the Exceptionally Dynamic Group of Entrepreneurs – this is for those who have completed the main event and these guys are getting phenomenal results!

We have produced a number of Mini-Manuals and books to assist you on your property journey, available from the website, along with all the events. To find out more go to

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