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HMO Daddy

HMO Daddy Ltd is the UK’s leading property training business.

Headed by Jim Haliburton, HMO Daddy has educational events for both brand new investors and seasoned professionals. HMO Daddy Ltd has a bias towards HMO training but does in fact deliver it all. It doesn’t matter if you are starting with debt or with a cash pot of hundreds of thousands, they have the ability to aid your property journey.

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Jim Haliburton


Jim began his property journey in 1991 letting rooms to students. At the time he was a College Lecturer lecturing in Law. His tenants were students who all came from the College where Jim worked. He immediately discovered that by renting out individual rooms to his student tenants he could generate between 3 and 5 times more rental income than if he were letting the house out on a Single Let basis. Thus he began to specialise in acquiring and converting properties into HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) to maximise his investment returns.

In July 2003 he left his job as a College Lecturer and began to buy investment property full time. At that point he set himself a target to purchase a further 50 properties before the buy-to-let boom finished, which he felt would only last a further 12 months. In the end it took him 18 months to purchase those 50 properties and the boom went on until 2008.

Jim now owns 130 HMO’s, 30 Single Let properties and he also has 19 Lease Option Properties. In all, he has a portfolio comprising of more than 800 rooms and still counting.

He owns a Letting Agency called J 9 Accommodation which employs 6 full time employees who look after his property portfolio as well as other landlords properties. He also has a 12 man building, maintenance and refurbishment team to look after the overall maintenance of his portfolio. Another 6 work in the HMO Daddy offices, dealing with property acquisition and the HMO Daddy training courses.

Jim’s other love apart from property is teaching. He loves to share his knowledge. Jim and his team deliver engaging property training courses and property management training workshops and help investors to create sustainable wealth from investing in Houses of Multiple Occupation. These courses are aimed at both ‘newbie’ and ‘old hat’ investors who want to maximise their income from property investing.