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Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright LNPG Expert

Kevin Wright did his first refurb project in 1983 and has more than 30 years’ experience in the property business. He’s had first-hand experience of being a landlord, a developer and a financial advisor, and has brought all this together as an expert in property finance.

Over the last decade Kevin has not only earned a reputation for providing creative – and legal – ways to buy property, but also developed a very successful programme to teach others to do this too.

Now sought after as an industry expert, he has been invited to contribute to books, write for very high profile specialist magazines, speak at property events and is the first port of call for production companies looking for property expertise.

With a portfolio of property contacts, if Kevin doesn’t know the answer he certainly knows someone who does! This also means that he gets to hear about the latest courses, books, events and other property-related things, which he passes onto his substantial list of contacts.

If you want to build a property investment portfolio, whether as a landlord or as a developer, you need Kevin’s number in your address book.

Ninja Investor Programme

Cash buyers have an edge over those property investors who have to rely on borrowing to build their portfolio. But there are some smart investors – without a huge stash of available cash – who manage to buy like a cash buyer, how do they do it?

  • They can buy properties that are un-mortgageable, refurb and sell them at a healthy profit
  • They can buy at auction without worrying about deposits and mortgages
  • They can buy properties at below market value – at sometimes insanely low prices
  • They can buy and refurb – and get their money back out of the deal on completion
  • They can buy more properties, faster with a lot less cash

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