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Alpha is recognised throughout the UK as one of the heating industry’s leading lights – a company, with over 50 years’ experience, that successfully combines traditional business values with a highly innovative approach to all aspects of its operation.

Alpha is also part of Immergas, which operates in 30 countries worldwide. Market leader in its home country of Italy, Immergas has produced over 7 million boilers and is arguably Europe’s leading heating appliance manufacturer.

With more than 50 years’ experience in the industry, our products deliver heat that customers can rely on. From dependable domestic combi boilers offering plenty of heat and hot water to powerful, efficient commercial systems with outputs to suit any setting, we have the solution.

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Buying Instructions

All supported Alpha boilers can be purchased through Wolseley.

To view a price, or find out more, head over to the Buying Instructions section of our Wolseley Page.


For your rental properties, just as in your own home, you need a boiler you can rely on.

LNPG have multiple boiler partners to choose from, each brand offers different benefits compared to the other.

Alpha have offered their ETEC boiler on our preferential terms.

A full list of these products and prices is available on the Wolseley page of our website, but if you are simply looking for a quick understanding of what you might need, please see below:


Alpha Heating ETEC 28kW / 33kW Combi

The newest addition to our combi boilers, the E-Tec range features a brand new stainless steel heat exchanger and is our smallest yet.

Being compact allows an easy fit in a standard kitchen cupboard and servicing is made easy with front access.





Alpha Heating ETEC Plus 28kW / 33kW / 38kW Combi

Our popular E-Tec range has evolved with the addition of the E-Tec Plus combi.
The compact boilers features a stainless steel heat exchanger and now comes
with a 10 year warranty as standard, straight out the box.





Alpha Heating ETEC 20kW / 30kW / 35kW System

Brand new system boiler that features a stainless steel heat exchanger and is art
of our popular E-Tec range. E-Tec S boilers come in a choice of three
fully-modulating outputs of 20, 30 or 35kW.





Alpha Heating ETEC 15kW / 20kW / 25kW Heat Only

E-Tec Regular heating-only boilers are for use on open-vented or
– using the Alpha sealed system kit – sealed systems.
When fitted with a storage cylinder, they are capable of supplying plenty
of hot water.