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Our boilers hate wasting energy, love saving money and are built to last.


We produce ultra-efficient boilers that are built to last. It’s not a claim we make lightly, it’s a claim that’s backed by the facts. Back in 1996 we developed a component that revolutionised how our boilers operate. We patented the design and continue to use it in all our boilers today. The component is a bithermic heat exchanger that ensures heat transfer is fast but uses less energy than other boilers (which have two heat exchangers) to do so. It also means that none of our combi boilers have a diverter valve, and a faulty diverter valve is biggest cause of boiler breakdown in the UK.

For us reliability is important because we don’t want our customers to be without heat and hot water. Many organisations use our boilers because they can count on their reliability and miserliness when it comes to energy use and carbon emissions! Housing Association, Gloucester City Homes, for example, has installed 1,295 Intergas boilers over the past nine years and the failure rate is less than one percent.

But there’s so much more to our range of boilers: they’re all 20% hydrogen and OpenTherm ready; they only have four moving parts, which further improves reliability and, should the pump fail, the boiler will always deliver hot water. As a company we are always focused on giving our customers heat and hot water affordably, and now we are actively working to provide solutions that are ever-more energy efficient so they can save money while conserving the planet’s valuable resources. Renewables must become the main source of energy and we have developed a range of low- and no-carbon products to support the transition from fossil fuels when the time comes. Whatever we do, whatever we make, we will continue to put our energy into saving yours.

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Buying Instructions

All supported Intergas boilers can be purchased through Wolseley.

To view a price, or find out more, head over to the Buying Instructions section of our Wolseley Page.


For your rental properties, just as in your own home, you need a boiler you can rely on.

LNPG have multiple boiler partners to choose from, each brand offers different benefits compared to the other.

Intergas have offered their HRE Combi range of boilers on our preferential terms.

A full list of these products and prices is available on the Wolseley page of our website, but if you are simply looking for a quick understanding of what you might need, please see below:

HRE Combi 

Compact and responsive, the HRE combines the best of both worlds… heat and hot water exactly when you want it. And it will always do it economically.

  • 20% hydrogen ready
  • Bithermic heat exchanger
  • No diverter valve in combis
  • Only 4 moving parts
  • OpenTherm ready
  • Built-in programmer
  • Endorsed by the EST
  • LPG conversion available
  • 7 Year Warranty


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