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Adam Lawrence

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For £300 a year, I save more than 10 times that!

Adam Lawrence

We asked Adam four simple questions – below is his response.

  1. How do you feel about being an LNPG member?

[AL] Has given me a great one stop shop, where I can save time on negotiating with suppliers who make up prices as they go along!

  1. How has it helped your business?

[AL] For £300 a year, I save more than 10 times that. It has given a solid ROI and means less cash goes in and more can come out, that can only be a positive in property!

  1. How much money do you estimate having saved by being as member?

[AL] A 5 figure sum without a doubt. £10k for sure, possibly £15k

  1. What would your message be to a landlord considering joining LNPG?

[AL] Do you value your time? Do you want certainty on key products like kitchens and boilers? Do you want good quality solutions for the long term? Are you an amateur or a professional! JOIN LNPG.