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Lock-In: Fusion Furniture

Lock-In: Series 4 Webinar Library

Series 4, Episode 9

Hosted: 21/07/2021 05:45:00 pm

On the penultimate episode of Series 4, we welcomed back James Quinn from Fusion Furniture to the Lock-In webinar.

We’ve been partnered with Fusion Furniture for a long time now and honestly, we’ve always known what to expect – it’s a unique relationship for us and we typically have nothing but glowing praise for Fusion’s outstanding service from the membership.

But Fusion were recently acquired by new owners, and we wanted to check in and find out what this meant for how they do business – particularly in the middle of a pandemic.

To get up to scratch with Fusion Furniture you can catch the webinar above or get the key talking points below.


What’s New?

New owners mean a new perspective for the business and one of the more noticeable things to change since we last spoke is the complete brand overhaul they’ve been through. That means new branding from top to bottom: a new brand logo; new website; and updated product brochures specifically for various rental market sectors and we have to say it’s for the better!

Something that came up on our webinar with Fusion last year was that they’d become a victim of their own success in the rental market – the second you walked into a Fusion-furnished property, you knew about it, because the same products were everywhere across the country. We took a look at Fusion’s latest HMO and Co-Living brochure during the webinar to see how the new investment had affected their range.

Dotted amongst the new design-led ranges and colour-customisable furnishings is Fusion’s own idea of what looks good In your properties. This is by way of ready-built packages that solve your design woes room-by-room and style-by-style whether that be the Knutsford sofa and the Miami bed of a marble edit or Febland table and accent chair of the palms edit.

Take a look for yourself here. [link to documentation section of fusion’s page]


Build it and They Will Come

For those with an eye for details, Fusion now offers the customisable BeCreative range which allows your property to stand out from the rest.

The BeCreative gives four different handle options and thirteen different colour options to choose from, this gives over 100 combinations.

Fusion wanted to give full control to Landlords and provide them the ability to create different styles and characteristics in any room, this really puts landlords in the driving seat to create any look from a modern look, rustic look, or minimalist look, this can be especially beneficial depending on the property location.

I bet you’re worried that this will come at a lengthy lead time, don’t worry, Fusion creates this range right here in the UK, all made to order within their usual lead time of 14 days.


Doing What’s Right

One thing we didn’t want to see change, however, was Fusion’s customer-centric ethos.

For the past six years, Fusion has set themselves apart as an LNPG partner in their obsession with doing right by our members – even if that means sending James speeding down the M1 with a replacement side cabinet on his back seat, as Nick mentioned.

Delivery is a big part of this – and priorities often change. Let’s say you’ve got guests booked in for a few days’ time and you need to get your flat furnished sharpish. Well, Fusion can turn around products quickly, put everything in place, and take all packaging away with them.

But other times, you might have some time on your hands – and in the right circumstances, you could exchange that for free delivery. Fusion often finds themselves delivering all around the country, and will try their best to put your delivery in with another local batch, meaning they don’t go out of their way, and you get your furniture delivered without any delivery fee!


Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Tyres

Quality is the emphasis with Fusion Furniture and 95% of their products is made in the UK, assuring your furniture will last the test of time.

But the main advantage of UK-made furniture is no longer just the quality benefits – it’s getting your hands on it in the first place! Fusion’s Bolton-based manufacturing methods have meant that they have been able to weather the storm of rising shipping costs and international lockdowns without dropping service levels.

Typically, furniture suppliers are on a three- or four-week lead-time from their manufacturers – Fusion on the other hand can get to theirs in 45 minutes.

In fact, the only supply chain affected at Fusion is for their lamps – James claimed they’d been lamped by COVID, but alternatives are always available.


Over the Horizon

We know Fusion are far from finished in terms of providing our members with great service and offers, they mentioned they’re looking to engage more within our Facebook group and to provide even more value for money with special offers, for August it’s strongly rumored it’s going to be aimed at the home-working or student environment

We also know it was always going to be a chaotic webinar with James, but we are glad we managed to highlight the new refresh fusion furniture have been working on to give every LNPG member a great option to highlight your property be it an HMO or a BTL property

Keep your eyes peeled for our series finale, it’s all about another social media channel that could perhaps help you out as a landlord, it might not be for everyone you will hear more soon on our emails.