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Lock-In: Magnet’s Force Majeure

Lock-In: Series 4 Webinar Library

Series 4, Episode 1

Hosted: 26/05/2021 06:00:00 pm

The Expert Lock-In series returned this week and we were thrilled to welcome back big hitters Magnet to kick things off.

A familiar face to LNPG, we had LNPG’s Account Manager, Gill Davies, on but we were also joined by Magnet’s very own King of Scotland (or Regional Contract Sales Manager) Gerry Good.

On the Horizon

Before we got into the details of the first webinar, we wanted to take a look at all the exciting changes we’ve been making behind the scenes since last season. Recent partners such as Hammock (who were introduced in the last series) have now been brought on board, as are the very handy limescale prevention devices, Combimate.

With regards to imminent launches, we have shower screen specialists, hot tub manufacturers, tiles and even some fireplaces coming up to top it all off – so there’s a always a lot going on over at LNPG HQ.

Some of these partners will be launched live on the Lock-In series, but for those who aren’t – we’ll be making sure to shout as loud as we can through emails, social media, and over the phone to make sure you don’t miss out.

No Surprises

Before booking any appointments with Magnet, it’s more important than ever to make sure you get your measurements right! Whilst some branches are going out to measure, it’s at their own discretion and at their own risk. The general, top-down company policy is still not to go out to customers’ properties yet – so if getting measurements isn’t something you’re up to yourself (by the way, we’ve got this very handy kitchen measurement guide to help) then get your tradesperson involved instead.

In terms of going to a branch, they’re still open – but ring individual branches before visiting due to social distancing precautions.

Elephant in the Room

Do you think it would be possible to go a full webinar without mentioning the pandemic? Probably not. With the impact it’s had on our sector’s supply lines – it’s hard to ignore.

However, every cloud has a silver lining – and while we don’t want to make a price increase out to be a good thing, what we’ve received in context to the wider market is astonishing. Magnet have absorbed the vast majority of added costs themselves, leaving us with just a single digit increase in a market where figures in the twenties and thirties isn’t unusual.

Look, we spend a lot of time blowing our Magnet trumpet at LNPG – we’re their biggest UK customer after all – but we’re over the moon with how they’ve stood by us on this one and it just goes to demonstrate the power of the bulk buying power an LNPG membership can get you.

An Eye for Detail

One of our biggest concerns when marketing LNPG to new customers is that our prices don’t fall into the open market – it’s why we’re so stringent on keeping them out of the public eye until after you’ve joined.

But once you have joined, there’s should be nothing to stop you making the most of your membership – and that means saving as much as you can on your property refurbs.

So to avoid you paying over the odds, we’ve got our very own in-house quote checking service to make sure you’re making the savings you should be – in fact we’ve even got a few tricks up our sleeve to shave off a few extra pounds even with LNPG pricing.

Making a Splash

The swansong of our first episode this season was all about splashbacks – or more specially, Magnet’s newest designer range of splashbacks. With Metro, Herringbone, Lilypad, and the very aptly-named Alloy Victoriana Anthracite designs, the new range was somewhat reminiscent of Multipanel’s bathroom panels.

You’ll be able to pick these up yourselves – as in going into a branch and literally picking them up to see for yourself if you wish – later this year, and you can fit them yourself which means you saving the added expense of pulling in tradesperson to do the work.

Keep your eyes peeled for their addition to the LNPG range, but with their Harry Potter names they should be impossible to miss!

And that’s your lot! You can learn more about Magnet here.


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