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Lock-In: Merlyn

Lock-In: Series 4 Webinar Library

Series 4, Episode 6.5

Hosted: 30/06/2021 06:00:00 pm

The recent launch of Merlyn garnered such a huge response from our members, it was only right that we brought them on to the Lock-In series. After the launch of Merlyn and hearing the buzz and feedback from our members, we needed to get them on the Lock-in series. We were joined by Account Manager Dan Winchester graced, who gave us the full lowdown on Merlyn’s IQ and Black range, as well as educating us on the logistics of the partnership.

As usual, you can watch this part of the webinar in full above or alternatively read the key points below if you’re short on time.



Merlyn are a recent addition to our partners and we couldn’t be happier with the initial reaction to their offering, so we had to ensure we received contract pricing on ALL of the Merlyn Black range (more on that later).

Merlyn are the UK and Ireland’s number one brand for shower enclosures, it’s a very specific focus and it’s what they truly do best. It’s this specific product focus, that’s allowed them to gain their position in the market. The award-winning customer care and sales service is the just the cherry on top – you’re in very safe hands with a Trustpilot rated excellent company with a multitude of ISO certifications.

There must be a reason why over 6 million people (that’s a tenth of the UK population) use a Merlyn shower enclosure every day!

Saving You

The collection that really stands out is the IQ range, which is a game changer for landlords in a variety of ways. To start off, with the slot & lock frame means no screws, no drilling on the frame and can be assembled on any tray, previous or new. This will save you time, money and the hassle of trying to count all the fiddly fittings and fixtures prior to installation.

The ease of install & maintenance of the IQ range is another massive jewel in the crown of the IQ range. Here’s a few of the quality features in the IQ range:

  • The double click removeable rollers – this allows the end user to perform general maintenance and cleaning much easier than other attached rollers
  • The Merishield stayclear coating – this special coating allows easier cleaning of the glass by using a special hydrophobic coating, once again saving time cleaning.
  • The Merlyn branded handle – this feature is a simple but effective, it provides ease of comfort when using the shower door.
  • The install time – You can install this system by yourself! No tradesman or getting help for an hour, this system can be installed by yourself under 15 minutes (The pro’s at Merlyn have got it down to 6 minutes!)


What happens when things go wrong though? We’ve all encountered moments in our lives where you need a spare part or someone to rescue the situation. With a Merlyn product you’ll receive an award-winning end to end customer care and after sales service. Merlyn keeps over 3 months of stock at any given time and they also keep spare parts for all their ranges. (They even keep spare parts of their discontinued ranges for at least 10 years!)

In the event something goes wrong, you can contact Merlyn and they’ll be glad to help. They don’t demand receipts, place of purchase, or anything difficult – they just want to help resolve your issues.

Back to Black

After initially launching with Merlyn, we were alerted to the popular demand of the Merlyn Black range, we knew what we had to do – as we said earlier, ALL of the Merlyn black range is now available on LNPG’s contract pricing terms (it’s that good we had to tell you twice!).

The appeal of the black range really sells itself (I mean look at it). It’s got a stunning frameless design, complements and contrasts bathroom space, and it’s got a beautiful minimalist profile.

If you’re looking to upgrade any bathroom, the Merlyn Black would definitely give you the higher end finish you want, we definitely recommend taking a look over the brochure to see for yourself

The Process

As usual with the bathroom related products, it’s available to purchase via Wolseley branches, online, or via your Wolseley Regional Bathroom hubs. For that additional support, we definitely recommend getting in touch with the hubs – but don’t forget, we also have some Merlyn specific contacts that you can view on their page of the website, it’s the best of both worlds!

And that’s your lot! You can learn more about Merlyn here.