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Lock-In: Tools of the Trade

Lock-In: Series 2 Webinar Library

Series 2, Episode 13

Hosted: 25/11/2020 07:00:00 pm

It’s been a record breaking few months with Jewson. On the penultimate webinar of this series, we thought what better way to celebrate than to introduce two new LNPG services of theirs – Tool Hire and Build Aviator.

We were joined by a familiar face, our Accounts Manager, Leanne Hardy. And for Tool Hire, we brought on experts Helen Dawson, and Trevor Chapman.

This will also have been many of your first times hearing about Build Aviator, and you never forget your first! So it was no enviable task for Chris Pearman to come on during the 2nd half to give you an introduction.

You can view the webinar in full above, or alternatively scroll down to read the key talking points.

On The Tools

Jewson’s Tool Hire does what it says on the tin. Luckily though, that tin is pretty huge. They really can just about provide you with everything you could possibly need – well apart from a hot air balloon or a snowmaker.

There are a few more things you need to know as an LNPG member though. If you want to get the very best deal on Tool Hire, don’t bother dragging yourself to a branch. It’s best to use this service through Jewson’s dedicated call centre.

Branches have a ceiling rate on the maximum discount that they can offer to you, which is a price you’re haggling to get to anyway. And you don’t pay your membership fee to haggle. Using the call centre means that you’re definitely getting that exclusive membership price.

Their Tool Hire range can be found here. Be aware though, you won’t see the LNPG rates on the website, that’s done manually at the point of sale with Helen and the team over the phone.

Phone A Friend

Doing things over the phone can seem like a bit of a laborious process for some. It’s also the 21st century and no one really enjoys speaking to each other now too. But the phone is most certainly your friend in this case.

Whilst on the phone, the staff guide you through the process step by step instantly. Live to the minute, they’re checking every branch in the country to check the stock on various tools for your needs.

Helpfully, the Tool Hire call centre has staff that can instantly guide you through the process over the phone. There’s also no need for any awkward introductions either, they know exactly who LNPG and you are!

It’s a reactive business, and as such you should be able to get the tools within 24 hours. But this of course can be dependent on the tools and the distance from the source branch. You’ll be pleased to know though that the maximum local delivery amount is a maximum of £15 each way.

When something has a high value, it’s no shock that it’s going to need some insurance. Jewson do a lot for you already, but I’m afraid this is something that you need to do for yourself.

Don’t stress though. Just like any other insurance, plant hire insurance is quick and easy to sort out. The power of the internet means, if you type in ‘hired in plant insurance’ on Google, you get thousands of results within seconds. It took Helen two and a half minutes to get a quote – you can hold her to that!

Our best bit of advice is to speak to your current insurer first, to see if they can offer you the best quote possible. But as we said, the internet is a bit of a useful tool to explore all the options available.

Just a disclaimer though, it’s the hirer’s responsibility to lend the equipment to someone competent at using it. So it’s time to fess up if you’ve had a past of dumper truck crashing!


Build Aviator is an assisted company to Jewson. There’s a lot of depth to this service, but Chris nicely put it as an extension of your own team, and like having your own internal team of experts.

To start with, upload your plans to the Jewson online portal, and they’ll give you a turnaround time and cost for producing an estimating report. This could include a full service offering of estimates – which includes profit breakdown, materials required, people required and a work schedule.

It is mainly about estimating, but Build Aviator’s services also include ventilation testing, water calculations, acoustic testing, airtight testing, and finally System & Applications (SAP). As you can imagine, we couldn’t quite get through all that in half of a webinar!

But Chris who’s worked in the construction industry on both sides of the desk, described it as the most innovative thing he’s ever seen in the industry – some strong praise there indeed!

Deadline Day

Not only do people go mad for toilet roll now, they also go mad for plasterboard and timber. Whilst hospitality has gone to bed, the construction industry never sleeps. With this in mind, we recommend proposing your Build Aviator project far in advance, rather than expecting a Christmas miracle on next day delivery.

Using Build Aviator secures your building materials in the long run, as it programmes the delivery for you.It works much better for long term plans, not ones with an imminent start date. Any of you with any sense, will know that these sorts of huge projects need to be well planned anyway.

Don’t blame merchants though for shortage on materials, blame the orange man from America for buying out the supply.

And that’s your lot! You can view the Jewson page on our website here.


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