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Series 2, Episode 10.5

Hosted: 04/11/2020 07:00:00 pm

In a Landlord’s world, where time is money and convenience is of the essence, we brought on Wolseley’s online experts, to guide you through how to use their website to its full advantage when purchasing products for your rental properties.

You can view the webinar in full above or you can scroll down to read the key talking points.

Access All Areas

As an LNPG member, you get access to some quality prices. But the one thing you’ll want to be sure of when you log into Wolseley online, is that you’re definitely getting hold of those exclusive prices and not paying over the odds to be treated like Joe Public or a tradesman. The way to ensure that you’re definitely getting that VIP access, is to check that your 7 digit account number matches up to what is shown on your LNPG portal for your Wolseley account, and also that the correct account name is shown alongside it. To be extra sure, the experts recommended to cross reference any prices shown on the Wolseley website to the original LNPG price list when purchasing products.

Wrong Place Wrong Time

A key emphasis of Wolseley online is the ability to save yourself a lot of time, hassle, and money. In the property game, it’s not uncommon to find yourself hours away from those areas with the best returns, but Wolseley Online helps to cut down on those long journeys. Helpfully, you can nominate trusted people to collect your orders, which saves you more than a few hours of crawling through anonymous British motorway.

And if you do want to collect it yourself, well you can pre-order for collection and check live stock availability at a branch of your choice before making your way there. Because there’s nothing worse than someone taking that last radiator you desperately needed, right in front of your very eyes, with a minute until closing time!

It’s All About The Balance

Property will always come down to tallying up your in-comings and outgoings. So hunting around for those last elusive receipts and invoices at the end of the year can become a dreaded tradition. With Wolseley online, however, the way to access all of your orders is as simple as checking out the orders tab on the side menu. An intuitive section of the website, you can break it down to monthly spends or specify a time period, such as a year, which is very useful for that tedious end of year accounting. To take it even further, you can even calculate your all time spend with Wolseley.

The Big Shopping List

In all walks of life, lists are a great organisational tool. Any size property portfolio is likely to result in repeat orders with Wolseley to keep the property in tip-top shape, meaning it can be easy to lose track of what belongs where. Wolseley’s online expert, Simon Dennis, unveiled the ability to set up product lists, for whatever reason you wish. As a landlord, the likelihood is you’ll want them for specific properties, geographical locations, or product type.

And if you don’t want to create your own list, you can upload ready-made lists. Ringing any bells? You’ll be well aware that on the Wolseley page on the LNPG website, that there is an Excel document with product lists and prices. With a bit of formatting, you can create your own smaller list in the original document.

Firstly, your personal list needs to be in the first sheet of the Excel document. On this sheet, Column A needs to be the selected product’s catalogue number and Column B is the quantity you wish to purchase of this product. And then all you need to do is save this document, and upload it on the list section of the website – the power of technology!

Commitment to The Cause

Some of you have very busy schedules, so you may not have been able to view the webinar live (although it is brilliant tea-time television), but we appreciate some of the content from the webinar may have been quite difficult to grasp first time round and from reading this blog post.

Helpfully, Wolseley have already created How To Guides for all sections of their website. After some false starts, both Wolseley and LNPG are committed to making this online journey as accessible as possible.

If you’re still stuck, don’t worry! We will be breaking down the whole online journey with some short video tutorials very soon.

And that’s your lot! You can learn more about Wolseley here


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