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LNPG can make a substantial difference to your rental business. Why pay retail or trade prices when you can buy like a council through contract pricing.

Regardless of how many, or how few properties you operate - from full refurbs to a simple boiler or kitchen replacement - we can save you money; hundreds on a new boiler or thousands on a new kitchen and many other things you need.

Below are three case studies showing actual members and their view on how LNPG has helped their businesses.

We are here to help and if you have questions, our UK membership support team are waiting for your call on 01455 23 44 99.


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Membership :  Case Study 1

Member Name - Roger and Sue Lancaster

Hi. You don't really want to know about us, only if we are credible. So, Sue and I are Landlords managing approximately 50 properties in Nottingham and Newcastle, a founder member since the start, have saved tens of thousands of pounds mainly on plumbing, kitchens, electrics and paint but just as importantly 100's of hours pricing up materials at Wicks, B&Q, Buildbase, PTS, Plumb Center and any other trade counter you can think of in order to prevent a tradesman taking advantage. (there is a less polite version). 

Nowadays we agree an hourly, half day or daily rate with our tradespeople and they quote a timescale and give me a specification of the materials required. I order (never bother to check if LNPG the cheapest anymore, 95% of time they are and when they are not the savings are marginal so a waste of time), they collect and install. I pay a lower price than the tradespeople can get the goods and I don't get an admin uplift on their prices either. (As an aside make sure you get your tradespeople to specify exactly what they need otherwise sourcing them can become complicated, the companies expect trade level understanding of what you are ordering)

All I can say is that if you are a landlord serious about saving money and buying good quality goods, you should join LNPG as you will soon discover that it is a no brainer. You will save your membership fee on your first boiler, bathroom and kitchen install and the more of us there are the more companies will want our business, the more you will save and most importantly of all

Sue and I will save loads more. Join now

Membership :  Case Study 2

Member Name - Andy Churchill

We asked Andy four simple questions - below is his response.

1.  How do you feel about being an LNPG member

[APC] LNPG are constantly seeking ways that will save money for landlords.  Bearing in mind the increasing costs that are being imposed on owners of investment properties, this can only be a good thing.  LNPG have definitely saved me money and it helps me to run cost effective refurbs for my properties.

2. How has it helped your business

[APC] It makes a difference on the bottom line! Refurbs can be costly and if the other cost aspects can be reduced, that all helps to increase profit.

3. How much money do you estimate having saved by being as member

[APC] it is in the £’000’s.  The prices are significantly lower than competitors.

4. What would your message be to a landlord considering joining LNPG?

[APC] It’s a no brainer!  Join up and reap the benefits.

Membership :  Case Study 3

Member Name - Adam Lawrence

We asked Adam four simple questions - below is his response.

1. How do you feel about being an LNPG member

[AL] Has given me a great one stop shop, where I can save time on negotiating with suppliers who make up prices as they go along!

2. How has it helped your business

[AL] For £300 a year, I save more than 10 times that. It has given a solid ROI and means less cash goes in and more can come out, that can only be a positive in property!

3.How much money do you estimate having saved by being as member

[AL] A 5 figure sum without a doubt. £10k for sure, possibly £15k

4. What would your message be to a landlord considering joining LNPG?

[AL] Do you value your time? Do you want certainty on key products like kitchens and boilers? Do you want good quality solutions for the long term? Are you an amateur or a professional! JOIN LNPG.

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