Cost & Time Savings

Typical savings made on one small kitchen refit could cover the cost of your membership fee for 3 years. why not join us?

Save with massive discounts

Joining LNPG will help you save a great deal of money on your refurbishments. Our team of landlord buyers have negotiated amazing deals with major national suppliers, so you don’t have to spend your time trying to negotiate on trade prices.

Being part of LNPG means you can be assured the suppliers you are purchasing from will give you the best deals available. You no longer have to trawl from supplier to supplier looking for cheaper deals or to match prices.

No more negotiating prices – we have done it for you. Learn more about how our contract pricing works here

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Grow your portfolio

Substantially reducing the cost of any given refurbishment provides choice – a property refurbished at LNPG prices may suddenly become a viable investment opportunity.

Save time on your refurbishments

Having a system and process for refurbishments can save loads of time. Using the same suppliers for your materials every time, brings familiarity with sizes, quality and products that makes so much sense.

Get more for your money

Of course all this saving could be reinvested in the property to make your budget go further, and so enhance the property far beyond the original expectations. This could mean tenants are living in a seemingly new property which they will want to look after and stay in for longer, reducing voids.

Increase the value of your property

Additional money you spend on the fabric of your property, through the savings you make with LNPG, can increase the value of your investment. New double glazing, a conservatory, a new kitchen or bathroom can add value and increase your equity. Better quality properties, which feature household named boilers etc, can increase rental value and reduce voids.

Save Money with LNPG

No Obligation. Find out why so many people save money with LNPG and why we are every Landlords favourite buying group. Call now on 01455 23 44 99 or click the button below to request a call back

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Properties    Fee (ex. VAT)
1 to 3 ....................  £199 plus VAT
4 to 25 ..................  £299 plus VAT
26 + ......................  £399 plus VAT