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Trade-quality plumbing and heating products


Wolseley are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of plumbing and heating products including central heating systems, bathrooms, showers, and drainage products with more than 480 Wolseley branches nationwide.

Find your nearest Wolseley branch or bathroom showroom.

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Some information on this page is just for members – it might include pricing, contact information and other sensitive details that we need to keep to ourselves.

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Your Wolseley Account

Cash Accounts

A Wolseley cash account linked to LNPG’s terms will be opened up automatically with every LNPG membership, but may take a few weeks. Once opened, you can find details of your own account here

If you want to use Wolseley, but do not have an account set-up yet – please get in touch with them to use the emergency cash account.

Credit Accounts

As long as you are a director of the company then your company can process and pay the invoice addressed to you. Please be mindful that a new company without any trading history is unlikely to achieve a credit account, so it will be quicker and easier to open in your own name.

  1. Head to Wolseley’s Account Opening page and select “CREDIT ACCOUNT”.
  2. Fill out all the requested details. Wolseley’s accounts team will be in touch directly if they have any further questions or require extra information.
  3. Await account opening confirmation including Wolseley 7 digit account number i.e. 7727Q33.
  4. Once opened contact the LNPG membership team and make them aware of your 7 digit Wolseley account number.



Wolseley Full Price Guide (Excel Download)
(Updated 03/06/2024)

A price list of LNPG’s most popular products is also available at the top-right of this page.

Buying Instructions

1. National Plumbing & Heating Support Contacts

If you want some expert advice and require a bit more support – make the most of our National Plumbing & Heating support team (listed below). Our support contacts are your dedicated contacts to help with your plumbing & heating enquiries, orders and delivery updates – perfect for that specific support.

Call: 03448910188

Or simply email:

2. Your Local Branch

Visit or call your nearest branch to place an order. This should be the showroom you are collecting from or the nearest one to the delivery address. Quote:

  • Your account number
  • The product code or description from the product list (Red button in top right)
  • The rental property address for the order to be delivered to. You can arrange for your designated plumber/heating engineer to pick up parts from their nearest branch if you prefer. However, do not disclose prices to your tradesman.
  • Clarify what references you need on your invoices ie. property address or plumber initials etc

Cross-reference your items to ensure that you are receiving the correct LNPG prices set up on your account. The branch will be able to let you know availability and delivery times.

Webinar Library New Feature

Fancy catching up on what Wolseley are up to? Well you’re in luck.

The videos below are edited clips from our Lock-In series, where we sit down with the people behind the scenes and discuss hot topics and upcoming updates.

If you want to view our library of past episodes with all our partners, click here.