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Hot water cylinders for heat only and system boilers

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Many of our products are unique in their compact design, ease of installation, performance and energy efficiency, we can provide cylinders for domestic hot water to suit all requirements either as stand-alone electric direct water heaters or to work in combination with a gas boiler, ASHP or renewable heat source.

Our DELTA COIL cylinder is the only fully A Rated efficient range of cylinders available in the UK and can provide a saving of up to 400kW/h per annum on utility costs, and our SUPER SERIES range is a pre-plumbed cylinder, with virtually all components, pipework and cabling concealed it also incorporates an internal blending valve meaning a smaller more compact cylinder can be used to provide the equivalent output of larger cylinders. Super Series is a low maintenance, easy to install product that is reliable and compact, we can also provide washing machine frames to maximise the use of space in apartments and smaller properties that have been tested for use with our SUPER SERIES range.

OSO ensure that our products surpass safety and performance requirements set out in The Building Regulations and Standards. Stress and performance tests on all products safeguard the integrity and life cycle of our products. The end result is well-known OSO quality, which has shown outstanding product life expectancy.

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