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Lock-In: Atlanta Bathrooms

Lock-In: Series 4 Webinar Library

Series 4, Episode 6

Hosted: 30/06/2021 06:00:00 pm

For the second time in the series, we hosted a double-partner webinar – but this time it was all about bathroom furniture.

We kicked things off by introducing a familiar face in Steve Gent, from Be Modern, who was on about two weeks ago to discuss fireplaces. However, this time we had him on to discuss Atlanta (Be Modern’s bathroom furniture brand), which are due to launch within the next few weeks.

With the recent addition of 23 Wolseley Bathroom Hubs, the introduction of Atlanta couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

You can watch this part of the webinar in full above, or alternatively you can scroll down to read the key talking points.



High end bathroom furniture is not something usually on the radar of landlords. As with anything in your property, one the most common concerns is if you’re truly getting enough bang for your buck.

Whilst Atlanta may be on the higher end of bathroom furniture market, they truly back it up through their quality, finish, and perhaps most importantly – their service. Atlanta have been around for two decades and realistically you don’t survive that long in the industry without consistently delivering for your customers.

To really trust a manufacturer though, you need badges and certifications to put your mind at ease. Luckily, Atlanta has those in abundance – including the FSC, ISO, Quality Certifications, and fantastic ethical resource management.


The Service

When you purchase from Atlanta, you know you’re getting a quality product and service. Check out some of the key benefits below:

  • British Manufactured Products
  • Lifetime Guarantee on ALL Furniture
  • Quick lead times with 1 week lead times, Via Wolseley Bathroom Hubs
  • Large Stock Holding

We mentioned this the other week, but the benefits of British manufactured products will truly become apparent when the dreaded B word hits. Not to mention, there’s an extremely useful lifetime guarantee on all furniture, protecting it from the occasional difficult tenant (believe us, we know there’s always a few!).

Fortunately, when you place an order through your local Wolseley Bathroom Hub, you’re not left in the lurch – you can get your hands on the product within a week, and if you need the items delivered faster, they do offer 48-hour delivery for a small charge of £12.50.



Atlanta have a varied selection with a step-by-step guide to choose from.­­

The step-by-step guide is very simple and takes you through the style & range, such as the new accent range, the fitted range for maximised storage, and the classic for that timeless look.

The finish is the next step in the journey. Atlanta offer a selection of different colours from a subtle grey to a bold smoke blue finish. The colours do vary slightly per the style and you can actually add accent colours within the new accent range, but the options are very easily explained in the new brochure.

We then move over to the unit selection. Atlanta have a varied product range, from the regular basin unit to a suspended unit and selection of wall units. Once again, your local Wolseley Bathroom Hub will be able to provide assistance in ensuring the units and sizes are perfect for your bathroom.

The final steps are the countertops, and the sanitaryware. There are two different options for the countertops, which are laminate selection and the solid surface options – with the latter being the more premium choice with either a slimline 12mm or a 24mm option available.

The sanitaryware comes with a wide variety of options from semi-recessed, including all in one basins and sit-on-basins, and of course a wide range of WC’s.


How Do I Get My Hands On This?

We haven’t quite launched with Atlanta yet – but don’t worry! The Atlanta range will available to LNPG members within the next few weeks at a market leading price through Wolseley. You can follow their usual ordering process through local branch, online, or the Wolseley Bathroom Hubs.

Expect delivery within about a week or you can opt for a 48-hour carrier for a small fee of £12.50

And that’s your lot! Keep your eyes on our socials for the official launch.

You can learn more about Atlanta here.

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