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Lock-In: OSO Cylinders

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Series 2, Episode 9

Hosted: 28/10/2020 07:00:00 pm

Ensuring your tenants have reliable access to heating and hot water is one of the most important aspects of being a landlord, especially during the winter months. The focus this week was not on boilers, but instead on the hot water cylinders that accompany them. Enter our newest partner, OSO Hotwater, and their UK Sales Director, Neil Thompson…

You can view the full webinar above, but if you only have 5 minutes, scroll down for some of the key talking points.

All Systems Go!

The first thing you’re going to need to know is whether a hot water cylinder is suitable for your heating system. For properties with a combi boiler, there is no need for a cylinder because water is heated as and when it is needed. Unless you’re thinking of changing your combi boiler which is very unlikely, then a hot water cylinder is not for you. However, these types of boilers are still the most suitable option for properties that do not have a high hot water demand.

In contrast, system or heat only boilers do require a separate hot water cylinder. A heat only system has a cold water tank placed in the loft, a hot water cylinder and of course a boiler. Whereas, a system boiler works together with a hot water cylinder. A hot water cylinder may be essential for these heating systems, but the chances are you haven’t been exposed to OSO’s range of cylinders just yet.

Aquanomics 101

Wednesday morning. 6:37am. It’s one of those low-contrast, almost-winter days at the back-end of October where the darkness has begun to draw in around the corners of the day each morning. You jump in the shower to warm up and ready yourself for the day, only to be blitzed with a sudden burst of cold water because the heating system can’t cope with the demand.

A funny story to start the day, perhaps. But only if this type of thing is an irregularity. When it becomes an everyday occurrence, for you or your tenants, becomes a major problem.

This is the apex reason why a hot water cylinder is integral for larger properties, particularly HMOs. A cylinder’s reliability, with guaranteed performance and pressure, comes from the fact that the store of hot water is stored in the cylinder itself, maintaining a constant supply of pressure in the property’s downstream, where a combi boiler installation – though perfectly adequate for smaller properties with less demand – will see pressure fluctuate as supply and demand go up and down throughout the day.

The Tetris Effect

On the surface, cylinders are a great addition to your heating system, but it often can be difficult for landlords to envision where they fit in their property. In smaller properties, combi boilers reign supreme because landlords feel it’s a good compromise to make, as there are fewer bathrooms and radiators that need to be supported. However, all of the OSO cylinder ranges are designed to be compact and installed in multiple locations – in fact, none of the OSO cylinders are more than 1750mm in height.

And in those properties where space simply cannot be found elsewhere, OSO have designed a frame for smaller cylinders to sit above the washing machine. Is it the prettiest thing in the world? No, but a hot water cylinder very rarely is. The key benefit here, however, is the utilisation of the less-valuable vertical space over the much more precious floorspace of those cosier properties.


The Tetris Effect OSO


Taking The Lid Off 

Generally speaking, plumbers and contortionists have very little in common. But you’ve got to wonder how many installers have attempted a Cobra Full Bend when trying to get around the back of a hot water cylinder for servicing or installation.

Like your boiler, your cylinders should be serviced once per year. Thankfully, with OSO, this isn’t a complicated process. Each of OSO’s cylinders are designed with maintenance in mind. This means all the important stuff is accessible either by taking the lid off at the top, or in the case of the Delta indirect range, by accessing the panel at the front.

Installation too is made easier simply virtue of the fact that the cylinders are pre-plumbed. As well as making your plumber’s life easier, this alone can save you up to 70% on your installation as most of the work has already been done back at the factory!

Quality Pays

An initial price for a cylinder could deter some landlords, but like with anything property improvement – you get what you pay for. OSO provides highly-efficient products, and products that are of the highest quality and go the distance in terms of life expectancy, and this cost is significantly brought down by an LNPG membership anyway (hint, hint).

Superior efficiency translates to reduction of heat loss, something that tenants will be extremely grateful for during the bitterly cold winter months, as will you when you see more seasonal stability in your utility bills. Tenants will come and go, but the savings over the years make the initial cost back, and with a 25 year warranty included, these cylinders are in it for the long haul!

And that’s your lot! You can learn more about OSO cylinders here.


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