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Lock-In: The Magnet Project

Lock-In: Series 5 Webinar Library

Series 5, Episode 10

Hosted: 01/12/2021 06:45:00 pm

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

As we sped into the final Expert Lock-In episode of season five, and of 2021, there was one thing we could be sure of: this one was not to be missed.

We’d managed to wangle some time with Patrick Houghton, Magnet’s Head of Regional Sales for the South, and Ross Johnson, the star-bound Sales Manager for the East Central Region.

With a lot of changes afoot, it was high time for the gang to get back together and find out the relevant details for the private landlord market.


What’s Happened

We told you there were a lot of changes, so let’s start with the biggest – or perhaps smallest – of them first.

We’ve worked with Magnet Contract Kitchen Solutions (CKS) for years now, but that’s all changed. Magnet have decided to drop the linguistic assault course of a title for a cleaner, simpler moniker: Magnet Projects.

Along with this has come a fresh rebrand, updated website, and changes in personnel.

But how has this affected your experience as an LNPG member and Magnet Projects customer?

Well aside from things looking a little more modern and a few nicely intuitive changes to their brochures and catalogues, operations are now under a clearer path of how best to look after LNPG members, and for the South of England (extending to anything below Nottingham as it happens) that means Patrick’s the man in charge.


Successful Partnership

One of the key phrases from the night was short and sweet: you get out what you put in.

With over 156 trade branches across the country, buy-in to the LNPG way of life – in other words, getting private landlords the best prices possible – varies depending on which regional accent the branch manager has.

But one area that has excelled has been the central region under Ross’s control, so he laid out the formula he’s been using to ensure success, one that will now be emulated across the country for a better member experience.

You’ll have to watch the webinar in full to get the gospel, but as formulas go, this one can be broken pretty easily into three sections.

  1. Branch awareness
  2. Feedback and Awareness
  3. Ongoing Support

What it adds up to is giving LNPG members an experience that is easy, intuitive, and hassle-free.


Doing Our Bit

Magnet are going to great lengths to ensure their service is nailed down from Exeter to Inverness, so it’s only fair we do our bit too.

For LNPG members, this means following the Buying Instructions we’ve laid out on our website. A kitchen is one of the biggest, most value-adding purchases you can, make for your rental properties, so it’s in your best interest that you get it right first time too.

With this in mind, it’s vital the process is followed to ensure you receive the correct prices.


The Latest Launch

Like you, what we care about most is the kitchens themselves. It’s always exciting when a new product is released, whether it’s a brand-new design, an extended range of colours, or just some new accessories, we want to know about it.

But there’s much more than a few handles to come out of Magnet in its recent batch of launches.

Fashions and trends don’t stop outside the kitchen door, in fact everything from your worktop to your saltshaker make up a finished product that either looks good – or doesn’t.

The latest trend to hit Magnet’s showrooms is bright pastels, which provide a freshness that catches the eye without overpowering the room. The new Nova Seagrass is a beautifully muted green kitchen giving rooms for copper and black to pop against it, for example.

And if the new colours aren’t quite new enough, three never-seen-before kitchen ranges have now been introduced: the Hoxton, Nordic Nature, and Ludlow in bands four, six, and six respectively.

All these new options are available right now.


Let’s Get on Top of Things

With new cabinetry nailed down, we wanted to know what to put on top of it.

And Magnet didn’t disappoint with an update of their extensive worktop range. From compact laminates to Carrara, it’s all been weighed, measured, and laid out in a brand-new worktops brochure to give our members central place for everything.

The brochure is almost over the line as we speak and should be featured on our Magnet partner page in the next few weeks.


And that’s season five wrapped up, it’s been a blast, but we’ll be back soon to host more of our partners.

So we’ll see you early next year, until then you can rewatch any of our previous webinars on our YouTube channel or read the blogs here.

For everything Magnet you can find it here.

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