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Lock-In: Series 5

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Lock-In: The Magnet Project

Series 5, Episode 10

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller...

Hosted: 01/12/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Roma Finance

Series 5, Episode 9

We welcomed back Roma Finance to the Lock-In series for our penultimate episode of season five. Roma joined first us ear...

Hosted: 24/11/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Doing The Dishes (AO)

Series 5, Episode 8

It’s been around eighteen months since we first launched AO as a partner and a lot has changed behind the scenes. I...

Hosted: 17/11/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Troubled Waters

Series 5, Episode 7

We named this webinar “Troubled Waters” because of the common water-related issues our two partners products solved,...

Hosted: 10/11/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: TCD Energy

Series 5, Episode 6

Energy bills are skyrocketing right now, and they seem to be further price rises just around the corner. We knew we had...

Hosted: 03/11/2021 12:00:00 am

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Lock-In: I’m All Eyes

Series 5, Episode 5

We kicked off with how Ed first dipped his toe into the landlord game. I’m sure we’ve all heard the horror stories ...

Hosted: 27/10/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Big Data, Better Results

Series 5, Episode 4

The world moves quickly in PropTech, so when we realised we’d not had Hammock on our Lock-In series for 31 weeks, we k...

Hosted: 20/10/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Better Communities

Series 5, Episode 3

Back with the big fish for this Webinar, we haven’t heard from Jewson since Season 2, they’ve been busy battling end...

Hosted: 13/10/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Fahren UK

Series 5, Episode 2

You might have seen a little about Fahren previously, we have launched with them over around a month now and things are ...

Hosted: 06/10/2021 06:45:00 pm

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Lock-In: Property Branding

Series 5, Episode 1

Property is a curious business. At once independent, investors also understand more than most the power of a strong n...

Hosted: 29/09/2021 06:45:00 pm

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