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Lock-In: Series 1

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Lock-In: Carpet & Flooring

Series 1, Episode 10

This is it: our final Expert Lock-In of the first series and for this one, we brought in the big guns! Carpet & Floor...

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Lock-In: Fusion

Series 1, Episode 9

How quickly the time goes by when you're hosting webinars every week! Our penultimate Lock-In gave us the opportunity...

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Lock-In: AO

Series 1, Episode 8

At the beginning UK lockdown AO had been looking after our members in an unofficial capacity for a few months, and we'd ...

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Lock-In: Lyco Lighting

Series 1, Episode 7.5

The second half of our seventh Lock-In was with Lyco Lighting. One of the newest partners for LNPG in 2020, Lyco wer...

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Lock-In: Johnstone’s Render

Series 1, Episode 7

This week takes us to the second appearance of Johnstones Trade, LNPG's partner for professional trade paints and access...

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Lock-In: Mondial

Series 1, Episode 6

Another first in a series of firsts this week as we introduce Mondial Lighting - a partner so new to LNPG, we'd not even...

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Lock-In: Worcester Bosch

Series 1, Episode 5.5

For part two of our fifth Expert Lock-In we frogmarched Alex Thomas of Worcester Bosch out to his garden shed to tell us...

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Lock-In: ADEY

Series 1, Episode 5

Our first ever two-parter episode kicked off with Adey, manufacturers of the industry-leading MagnaClean magnetic system...

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Lock-In: Jewson

Series 1, Episode 4

In our fourth Expert Lock-In of our first series, we spoke to Luke Baker and Leanne Hardy of Jewson, LNPG's partner for ...

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Lock-In: Johnstone’s Paint

Series 1, Episode 3

Continuing to march forward through our first series of LNPG's Expert Lock-Ins, we invited LNPG's top partner Johnstone'...

Hosted: 10/06/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Wolseley

Series 1, Episode 2

Carrying on the momentum with our first ever series of Expert Lock-Ins, in our second episode we spoke to Dave Woodward ...

Hosted: 03/06/2020 07:00:00 pm

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Lock-In: Magnet Kitchens

Series 1, Episode 1

We kicked off our very first season of LNPG's Expert Lock-in with one of the biggest hitters in LNPG's partner portfolio...

Hosted: 27/05/2020 07:00:00 pm

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